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8 Fun Activities To Develop Your Child’s Gross Motor Skills

gross motor skills

Children would be fit for the ultimate exercise routine if they could use their gross motor skills during playtime. Many daily activities involve these skills, so developing them is essential. By using a variety of fun activities, you can help your child delightfully develop their gross motor skills!

Understanding a Child’s Gross Motor Skills

Gross motor skills are the muscles that allow your child to run, dance, jump and perform any other basic activities.

Your little one should participate in physical education classes as much as possible. Stimulating your child’s gross motor skills will help them become more active and have a better quality of life.  

Reasons Why Gross Motor Skills Are Important?

reasons why gross motor skills are important

There are many reasons why gross motor skills are important. Let’s take a look at a few of the most common ones:

  • Gross motor skills are essential to the development of fine motor skills.
  • Your child will be able to use these skills in their daily life and school, so they can also get an academic boost with these activities.
  • Children with well-developed gross motor skills are less likely to be overweight or obese because they can keep themselves active and burn those calories away!
  • These skills help your child develop physically, mentally, and socially because they become more self-confident when they can do many things on their own!
  • Children with a higher level of gross motor skills are more likely to participate in a sports team or class, so they can meet new people and make new friends.

8 Fun Activities To Develop Your Child’s Gross Motor Skills

In NY Baby steps, children and parents can learn to be physically active while having fun. Not just by developing their fine motor skills but also their gross motor skills. We are aiming for an exciting year of gross motor skill-building. Our passion is to help parents raise healthy, happy children by introducing fun activities that develop their gross motor skills.

1. Dancing


Whether you dance indoors or outdoors, it can be a fun way to practice your body’s coordination. Your child will have a blast as they learn and hone their gross motor skills that translate into other activities like running, jumping, skipping, and playing. 

It helps develop the child’s balance, coordination, strength, and rhythm. 

Try using songs with actions like Bow, Bow, Sway, Wiggle, Hop, and Bounce for the little kids. You can also use little toys to help move the child’s body. Introduce dance to your child!

Include songs like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Rummy Fox, Duck Dance, or any other fun beat with action. Everyone will be dancing to the same theme!

2. Skipping


Using skipping to improve your child’s gross motor skills can be a fun activity. It is essential to work on your child’s footwork, coordination, and balance. It helps the child learn to fall in a manner that doesn’t hurt them. This is an important way to keep them healthy and strong. 

Make sure your child can perform a basic skip before moving to more complex patterns. Incorporating a variety of skipping patterns is a great way to add some challenge and variation! 

3. Running


It might seem simple, but running can be difficult for kids due to their small bodies’ lack of stamina and coordination. However, there are ways that you can develop your child’s running skills using silly games such as the ‘Bouncing Run’ or simply, ‘Jumping!’.

It enhances their balance, weight distribution, and muscle strength. Your child can benefit from running by becoming more active and involved in their daily lives.

4. Hopscotch


Using a combination of jumping, hopping, and running, this game is a great way to keep your child active. It is also a perfect tool to develop their gross motor skills in a fun way. It develops the child’s body control and coordination. It also develops their counting skills! They can identify and learn numbers in words and symbols, addition, and subtraction. 

You can start with simple patterns that focus on the basic movements such as – down, up, left, right, left, and so on.

5. Hula Hoop

hula hoop

Hula hooping is ideal for keeping your child fit, strong and agile. By engaging children to move their arms and legs, you can develop their gross motor skills. It requires movement from their pelvis to their shoulders. Hula hooping is also an excellent way to learn new ways to move! 

This activity helps a child to develop their balance, endurance, coordination, and strength. In addition, it is an excellent way for them to play outside! Furthermore, it is suitable for their aerobic health. 

You may also encourage your kids to play this game with their friends. You could also ask them to form teams and challenge each other. It is an ideal way to get your kids excited and energized about something.

6. Trampolines


Trampolines are a significant way to acquire your kids moving. Jump, jump, and bounce around! It develops the child’s coordination, strength, and endurance. 

You can play this fun game with your little ones in a series of jumps, hops, and bounces. Also, keep in mind not to over-use the trampoline as it can be dangerous. The main point of this game is to have fun with your children, not to get hurt.

7. Swings

Swinging is a beautiful way for kids to have fun and burn off some energy. This game helps strengthen the child’s back, legs, and arms. 

It builds endurance and strength in your child’s body. It can also improve the flexibility of their muscles, which will allow them to be more active when they’re older! It enhances the child’s coordination. Start with simple swings like a forward/backward motion and then slowly progress into more complex patterns. 

Just remember to practice with your children and pay attention to their body movements. You can also get safety measures to keep you and your children safe. 

8. Bouncing


Bouncing ball is a great way to keep your kid active and occupied during rainy and long summer days. By using a simple bounce ball, this game would benefit both you and your child in many ways. This can also be a fun way for kids to engage in activities that would otherwise be too difficult for them.

It develops core strength, balance, and coordination. It also helps the child develop their upper body strength. Children can use it to become more active and engaged in their daily lives.

Final Thoughts

It can be hard to think of activities to keep your child physically active as a parent. It is essential to remember that your little one’s motor skills develop over time and with practice.

Begin with these easy games that require little effort and time on your part. You can increase the difficulty level as you go along and see how far it goes! Also, the most important thing is to have fun! Focus on making these games fun for everyone involved (parents, children, and siblings).

We understand how important it is to learn and improve your child’s gross motor skills. So, here at NY Baby Steps, we aim to help you out and provide you with unique and fun resources that will help.

We hope this guide helps you better understand how to develop your child’s gross motor skills so that you can help them become more active and engaged in their daily lives!

Just remember, the more active your child is, the happier they will be!

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