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10 Easy Tips and Tricks to Help Your Preschooler Learn Numbers

Tricks to Help Your Preschooler Learn Numbers

Recognizing and understanding numbers is an essential skill that preschoolers need to develop. Numbers are a key part of everyday life and the foundation of math, science, and reading. Therefore, it is important to establish the building blocks early on so that your young child can learn how to understand them later.

Teaching preschoolers to learn numbers is not as easy as you might think. You need determination and perseverance to help kids quickly learn numbers. However, you can utilize specific tips and tricks to help your preschooler succeed in learning their numbers. So before you know it, they will be counting along with the rest of the class by giving these easy tips and tricks a try. But before we go on, let us first know when young children learn to count.

When do Children learn to Count?

About half of the way through the first year, most toddlers can recognize that they have two hands and two legs. So it is also when they get the knowledge that they have more than one body part, such as toes.

The majority of children are able to observe counting with both their fingers and toes around the age of 2 years old. Consequently, they can understand that there are two or more things in each pile or group, so children generally begin learning numbers around two years old.

It is not until preschoolers reach the age of around four years old that they realize that they can use numbers for different purposes beyond counting objects.

10 Easy Tips and Tricks to Help Your Preschooler Learn Numbers

1. Use Numbers In Daily Tasks

Tricks to Help Your Preschooler Learn Numbers

As mentioned above, learning numbers is not as easy as you think. If numbers seem like a mystery to your young child, then take advantage of the familiar and put numbers to real-world tasks like:

  • Counting objects in the house or yard
  • Counting steps taken during the day
  • Counting items dropped off for mom or dad
  • Ask your kid to help set the table and put one fork or two spoons with each plate.

2. Allow your Kid To Play Number Games with a Group of Children

Tricks to Help Your Preschooler Learn Numbers

Children love to play games, so take advantage of their natural inclination towards fun and games by encouraging them to play number-based games with a group of kids. You can encourage them to have some healthy competition in the group for them to get motivated. You can use these play number based games for them:

  • Number Scramble
  • Number Hunt
  • Number Racing

3. Use Flash Cards

Tricks to Help Your Preschooler Learn Numbers

Preschoolers can be very visual learners, so using flashcards is a great way to learn how to count. It allows him to see and keep a count of a simple object clearly without any assistance from you. In addition, by seeing the numbers every day, he will easily associate numbers with particular objects or situations that are more familiar to him. Make flashcards with numbers zero to ten and play various games with your kid. For instance, you can put the numbers in random order and guide your kid to arrange them in the correct sequence.

4. Develop Counting Skills with Number Rhymes

Tricks to Help Your Preschooler Learn Numbers

Use rhymes and number songs like “This Old Man” and ‘10 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed” and many more number songs you can find. Show your child numbers on your fingers as you sing together so that he recognizes that a certain number relates to that many fingers. By doing this regularly, you will be able to strengthen your child’s memory.

5. Introduce Sequence of Numbers with Connect the Dots

Tricks to Help Your Preschooler Learn Numbers

You can introduce a sequence of numbers by connecting the dots. For example, use a chalkboard to form a figure with numbered dots. Then allow your kid to connect the dots to draw that figure. For instance, use five dots to create a pentagon shape and let your kid draw the pentagon. It will not only help your child develop his number recognition but also his fine motor skills.

6. Have them Count Fingers and Toes

Tricks to Help Your Preschooler Learn Numbers

Playing numbers games can be very fun, but having them count their fingers and toes is a great way to teach them how to count. It also helps develop your kids’ fine motor skills as well as their visual perception capabilities. First, have them count the fingers on each of their hands and instruct them to compare the number of fingers. Next, ask them to compare the number of toes on each foot and then suggest that they count them individually. You can also show them how to count their fingers and toes without making mistakes carefully.

7. Use Chalkboard for Activities

Tricks to Help Your Preschooler Learn Numbers

Using a chalkboard is a great way to get your preschooler involved in some fun activities that are problem-solving-based for them to learn how to count. For example, you can draw four objects of different sizes on the board and ask him to fill in the correct number of objects beneath each object.

8. Write The Numbers and Make Your Kid Draw that Quantity

Tricks to Help Your Preschooler Learn Numbers

By writing the numbers and making your kid draw that quantity, you can get them to focus on counting rather than how to draw each number. For instance, write five and ask your kid to draw five flowers. For 7, you can ask the kid to draw seven suns. To make it more engaging for the kids, you can also do the opposite by drawing certain numbers of an object like eight suns or nine leaves, then ask your kids to count them all and write the number.

9. Use a Counting Board

Tricks to Help Your Preschooler Learn Numbers

A counting board is a great tool to help your preschooler learn numbers. For example, you can write the numbers 1 through 10 across the board while leaving 1 through 9 blanks. Then, you can ask your preschooler to fill in each blank square with a different number from 1 to 10 until all the squares are filled up. It is a great way for them to get involved in fun activities that will help them learn how to count fast and efficiently.

10. Count Every Day

Tricks to Help Your Preschooler Learn Numbers

Finally, you can reinforce counting skills every day by making it a habit. For example, count during breakfast time by showing him how to count the number of cereal pieces on his plate. Next, count during snack time to see how many crackers are in the bowl. Finally, count at dinnertime or before bedtime to show your kid that numbers are everywhere you go. Now he will be able to easily associate numbers with everyday objects without much effort on your part.

Aside from number games and activities, kids can also grasp the concept of counting quickly through many crafts. Following are craft ideas that will help your preschooler.

5 Unique Number Crafts For Preschoolers

Tricks to Help Your Preschooler Learn Numbers

1. Bulls-Eye Velcro Ball Tossing

It will help your kids develop early math skills like adding scores and learn about numbers. It is easy to make as it doesn’t require many materials. You can start making this craft if you have yarn or ribbon, small balls like ping pong balls or plastic golf balls, cups or bowls, scissors, markers, cardboard, and strong adhesive tape. You can find further details by visiting Artists Helping Children.

2. Exploding Numbers

A fun craft to make with your kid that helps develop their counting skills. The supplies you need for this activity are scissors, drawing paper, roller brushes or paintbrushes, masking tape, pencil, poster paint, and letter or A4 size cardstock. You can find the step-by-step guide in making this craft at First Palette.

3. Follow the Number Maze

It is introduced by “Hands on As We Grow” and is one of the most effective crafts to develop your child’s counting, number recognition, and fine motor skills. You will only need scissors, a roll of painter’s tape, and art paper for this fantastic craft.

4. Balloon Number Matching Game

It is another amazing activity by Hands on As We Grow. Your preschooler will be having loads of fun while learning counting by making this easy craft. You will need balloons, a permanent marker, tape, and a large sheet of paper or multiple papers taped together to make this craft.

5. Octopus Counting Craft

Let your kid have fun making this numerical sea creature. The supplies needed are two different colors of construction paper, eyes, glue, marker, green construction paper, and a large piece of paper. You can find further details about this craft by visiting All Kids Network.

As you can see, there are many great activities and number games that can easily enhance your kid’s ability to count. Games and crafts help in the process of learning, and by playing with numbers and numbers alone, your child will be able to grasp all the basic counting concepts quickly, thus improving math skills. In addition, by practicing these activities with your child, you will find that they will count very fast when they get older. With the right amount of exercise and fun games, both boys and girls can count well by age five. After all, counting is one of the best skills that children learn when they are young.