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Early childhood development is more than just the things they learn inside the classroom. Some of the best learning experiences can be found after school where they relax and do fun activities. If you’re looking for a way to improve your chid’s early childhood development, then enrolling him in extra-curricular activities might be the answer. 

Here at Baby Steps, we provide for a variety of fun and challenging classes that your child will enjoy. These classes are designed to enrich your child’s mind into exploring new possibilities and opportunities. There are a lot of activities for you and your child to choose from and enjoy.

Great opportunities for learning don’t come too often for your kids. That’s why it’s important to teach them at a young age where their hunger for knowledge peaks. Enrolling them in challenging classes will help them develop a sense of determination.

So what kind of extracurricular activities that you should get your kids? Here are some activities that you might want to consider:

Another program that you might want to consider is Zumba classes. This type, of course, teaches your kids new motor skills and the importance of following rules. By learning how to follow instructions and proper timing, this helps them develop an appreciation for following regulations and dancing.

Zumba classes are a simple way of developing your child’s motor skills, cooperation, and communication, especially when they dance in groups.

Learning a new dance step in Zumba is a simple yet critical task. Learning to follow the dance steps, the timing of the steps, and synchronization with the other dancers is a rewarding experience for young children. 

Letting them attend Zumba classes also enables them to learn necessary motor skills and the importance of following instructions. Enrolling them in these classes is a fun and exciting outlet for your children to release their pent up energy.



If you have a very energetic child, then you might want to consider enrolling them in our Zumba programs. Playing sports is not the only way of channeling your children’s energy into staying fit. Another right way of directing your child’s energy into something positive is by dancing. It’s also a great way of improving his overall physical health.

Our Zumba program is also a great way to teaching your kids the value of following instructions, to appreciate music, and to enjoy dancing. Being in a Zumba group will also help your kids develop social skills and communication. This is the best program for active kids that love to play after school.

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ASL classes are relatively new to daycare centers because of its growing popularity during recent years. These classes involve incorporating ASL into their daily curriculum, which is a great way to improve their communication skills. Teaching ASL to kids will also enhance their social interaction skills, and it will develop their cognitive growth.

ASL programs promote interaction with their teachers and parents, which allows them to grow their bonds with them. Your kids can also enroll in this class to help them communicate their feelings in everyday situations. Children who engage in ASL prove to be more expressive when it comes to showing their feelings to their parents. They also develop strong bonds with the person teaching them this program because of the open communication that the teacher creates with the student.