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Baby Steps Is Universal Pre-Kindergarten Approved

We Are UPK Approved And Ready To Enroll Your Children

Baby Steps is UPK (Universal Pre-Kindergarten) approved and ready to enroll your pre-kindergarten children. Our daycare is accredited by the DPI (Department of Public Instruction) and the DOE (Department of Education) in providing early education for children who are not yet in kindergarten.

While kindergarten usually begins at the age of five, research has shown that as early as one-year-old children can already develop new learning mechanisms. Children at this age already start to learn new things based on their surroundings before they even enter kindergarten.

The Universal Pre-Kindergarten caters to these early child development programs. This program helps children prepare for kindergarten and beyond by providing them with special classes specifically designed for their age group. Integrating this method of teaching into daycares is a great way to expand the minds of young children at an early age.

Our daycare is determined to provide high-quality universal pre-kindergarten programs for your kids so that they’ll have a jump start at learning. Learning at a young age will make transitions to a higher education a breeze.

UPK Approved Pre-K in Forest Hills and Rego Park

For a daycare to be approved to teach Pre-kindergarten programs, it must follow strict rules provided by the State. For instance, it must be prepared by experienced teachers with proper credentials. They must be an elementary education major, and they also must possess early childhood endorsement training.

The staff must also be knowledgeable in existing health and care systems that are useful for child development. K-6 and K-8 license holders are also allowed to teach pre-kindergarten. Once the department has assessed that the school has highly qualified teachers, they’ll begin the process of approval.

Here at Baby Steps, all of our staff are qualified to teach pre-kindergarten to children ages five and below. You don’t have to worry about the level of education that your child is getting. It’s because our staff is trained and prepared for any challenges. They are also well versed at early learning programs and are always eager to learn new teaching methods.

UPK-eligible children are always welcome in our daycare.

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Universal Pre-Kindergarten Integration

For Universal Pre-Kindergarten programs to work, it’s essential to have highly qualified staff members to implement the plan. Also, only those schools that are accredited are allowed to integrate this type of learning method into their school’s curriculum.

Low-quality pre-kindergarten programs can fail and result in inadequate preparation for your children. And when there is insufficient preparation, pre-kindergarten children will find it hard to catch up to the others. That’s why keeping the standard high will ultimately result in a positive development for your kids.

Numerous studies have shown the relationship between children who attend an active pre-k program and those who didn’t. Research shows that those who attend an active pre-k program more likely results in higher education compared to those who don’t attend.

When it comes to Pre-Kindergarten Integration, Baby Steps has the right tools to implement the program. Our daycare has the best teachers that are knowledgeable enough to integrate this program into their already impressive curriculum.