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Scavenger Hunts For Kids: Unique Games To Engage Children

Scavenger Hunts for Kids

If you are bored of your regular yard games and looking for a fun activity to help your kids stay engaged, you should introduce your child to playing some scavenger hunt games. They can be just as enjoyable for adults as they are for kids and encourage children to explore their surroundings.


Scavenger hunts are a type of game that involves giving a person clues to finding an item or goal. They can be done in many ways, from taking pictures of items to finding the person with the most unmarked spots on their body. Scavenger hunts for kids are a fun way for children to explore different aspects of their world and develop creative solutions to common problems.


There are many benefits associated with playing scavenger hunt games for kids. They allow children to individuate and explore what interests them the most. Scavenger hunts also encourage children to work together; these are an excellent way for kids to learn how to interact and get along with others. When playing a scavenger hunt game, kids will expand their thinking skills and develop different strategies to complete their mission. These games also promote social skills such as honesty, curiosity, taking turns, and following directions.


To help you choose what scavenger hunt your child can play at home, on the road, or vacation. Take a look at these lists of creative Scavenger Hunts for your Kids below.


Creative Scavenger Hunts For Kids to Play

  1. Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

This scavenger hunt idea is perfect for children of any age and will keep kids entertained for hours. The best thing about this idea is that you can use it in many ways. For example, you can have your kids think of the different places you want them to search, like in their room or around your house’s backyard (depending on what age they are). 

  1. Gratitude Scavenger Hunt Game

We all have something that we are thankful for and that we can use in this scavenger hunt. So first, have your kids look for things to be thankful for. Examples would be their pet, their siblings, or someone they love.

  1. Fun Color Scavenger Hunt

The best thing about this scavenger hunt is that it is simple to create. All you need to do is get your child to find a particular color and follow the clues. It would be a great scavenger hunt for children who have trouble focusing on just one task at a time.

  1. Nature Scavenger Hunt

This simple yet fun scavenger hunt. It gets your kids counting while observing things around them. Then, when you go with your kids outside, have them connect with nature in a fun way through this game. If you like this concept, you can find free printables at Fun at Home With Kids

  1. Indoor Scavenger Hunt for Kids

When your kid can’t go outside to play due to bad weather or if they don’t have the mood to play outside. It is an opportunity for you to lift their mood by looking for something enjoyable to do around your home. This Indoor Scavenger Hunt is a solution to keep your kids boredom at bay. You don’t need much for this because the Pragmatic Parent has done all the work for you. Print a copy of this, and your kid is ready to go. Prepare a pencil and a bag for a fantastic indoor scavenger hunt.

  1. Fun Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Having to play this scavenger hunt will make outdoor activities more fun and educational for kids. To play this one, have your kids find the items being asked and have them check them off of the list. The items collected will be gathered and examined closely. It will allow your kids to have fun while learning. You can learn more about this scavenger hunt at homemade heather.

Scavenger Hunts for Kids 

  1. Find a Bird Scavenger Hunt

This scavenger hunt is another fun way to help your kids know more about birds. Take your kids into your backyard, at the near forest, or the zoo. Ensure to bring your binoculars and the checklist with you to monitor and examine the birds in the tree closely. You can print the Find a Bird Scavenger Hunt checklist by visiting Red Tricycle.

  1. Put it In The Bag

It is another type of nature scavenger hunt. This scavenger hunt brings a lot of fun and is an excellent way to get your kids excited to be outside and play. This outdoor scavenger hunt is an excellent tool for your children to interact with their surroundings as they take a walk around nature. You have to provide your kids with a checklist of the items they need to collect. 

  1. Around the House Scavenger Hunt

It is another indoor game to keep your kids entertained. It is designed to be more open-ended, so your kids can play it whenever they like. You will have to get your kids to find things around your home. This scavenger hunt is a fun and easy way for you to make your day better. Have fun with Around the House Scavenger Hunt by visiting Hey Let’s Make Stuff.

  1. Fun Art Scavenger Hunt

It is a fun art scavenger hunt that is perfect for young children. This scavenger hunt will get your child excited to go outside. With this game, your kids will use their senses to identify the textures of the items included in the checklist. It also includes a part where your child draws what they see and discover. So, your kids will appreciate this activity more. You can find more instructions on how to play this game at Buggy and Buddy.

  1. Bug Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

It is an outdoor scavenger hunt that is perfect for your kids to enjoy and learn at the same time. It is excellent in helping kids recognize the difference between lower case and upper case letters. You can create different activities through this idea; squash that bug is one of the most popular. For more detailed instructions, check out this wonderful Bug Alphabet Scavenger Hunt by visiting No Time For Flashcards.

  1. Shape Scavenger Hunt

This one is super simple but effective in helping your kids analyze the thing they see around them. With this activity, your kids need to identify things or items that correspond to the shape included in the checklists. It is fun and easy to set up. You can find further information about this game at The Many Little Joys.

Scavenger Hunts

There is no doubt that these scavenger hunts for kids are certainly worth a try. They are much better than playing regular indoor games for your kids. It is because it will give your family a chance to connect and have fun together while doing something educational at the same time. Enjoy!