Baby Steps AfterCare Programs

After a long day at school, your child needs a little time to relax and replenish his or her energy. Your child might enjoy his time at school, but eventually, it will end once that bell rings. That’s why here in Baby Steps, we provide for the best aftercare programs for your kids.

Learning doesn’t stop when school ends; it continues throughout the day. Here in Baby Steps, we offer Aftercare programs for those busy parents.

We can’t always predict how our day will go. That’s why, as a parent, you still need a backup plan whenever you can’t pick up your kids from school. And that’s where we come in; our daycare offers a wide variety of aftercare programs that will suit your child’s needs.

We have different programs for you to choose from; this includes babysitting, after school nannies, and enrolled programs. Our aftercare programs are designed to let your children relax and regain their energy while waiting for you.

While schedule changes are unavoidable, there are still a lot of ways on how you can keep your kid safe while working. Here are some of the aftercare programs that you might want to consider.

Aftercare Nanny

Whether you still have something important to do or not, hiring an aftercare nanny can do wonders for your child. Nannies can fetch your kids after school, they can cook and make snacks for them, and they can even help them with their homework. Aftercare nannies are very flexible when it comes to child care.

If you’re someone who has unpredictable work or if you need some extra hands handling the kids, then an aftercare nanny might be what you need.

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School-based Program

For those who are unable to pick up their child from school because of work or emergencies, you can always enroll your kids in after school programs that will improve his academic skills or just for his relaxation. There are a lot of plans for you to choose from; it ranges from educational activities to arts and recreation.

This aftercare program ensures that your kids are safe inside the school premises while they enjoy their time with their teacher or nanny. These programs help you manage your kids as well as your time working; it’s a great way of organizing your work and family time.

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Enrichment programs

In some daycares, aftercare programs include enrichment programs, which include tutoring your kids in subjects that they find hard to understand. This kind of plan works best for child development because your child will not be left behind in his studies.

Other forms of enrichment programs that you might want to try out for your child are field trips. Schools conduct special trips to the zoo, art museums, and other educational centers for kids. This way, children will learn new things outside of school.

Babysitting Service

The last aftercare program that you might want to try is babysitting. You know that there are several babysitters in your area that’s willing to look after your child. A babysitter provided by his school is a better option since the child is already familiar with the person in charge of him. While traditional parents often hire babysitters who are their relatives or neighbors. It’s not uncommon to see that some parents prefer babysitters who are professionally trained. These professional babysitters might be what you’re looking to keep an eye on your child.