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6 Months

Welcome to Baby Steps infant care and child care facility in 6408 Fleet St Rego Park NY 11374. We specialize in helping your babies grow into the best person that they can be. The unique programs that we offer are specialized in infant development that ensures a positive outcome for your babies in the future.

Here at Baby Steps, we value your child’s safety and comfort. Our facilities and staff have the best credentials to deal with any emergency that may come along the way. So you don’t need to worry about leaving your kids with us.

The programs that we offer here at Fleet St. Rego Park, NY, focuses more on developing your infant’s cognitive, social, and emotional upbringing. Our daycare program caters to every aspect of your child’s needs. If you have any concerns about the development of your child’s well-being, we are happy to schedule an appointment with you.

Your infant’s safety is our top priority. That’s why we provide your children with a secure, clean, and healthy environment where they can learn and discover new things. We’ll make sure that your child’s learning experience will be a safe yet fun experience.

Our daycare is always open to newcomers, and our friendly staff will accommodate you and help you process your child’s enrollment. We want to invite you and your kids to visit our daycare and see for yourself what an enjoyable environment we’ve created for your child’s needs.

Our Programs
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Infant Care Service

10 months to 2 Years Old

Infant Care Facilities

Six months old, your child is at a vulnerable stage. Our daycare facilities make sure that your babies stay safe and secure while learning in a peaceful environment.

We make sure that every classroom has a teacher on board to watch over your children and to keep them safe. We also routinely check every room and make sure that no child is left unattended and feel left behind by the others.

Baby Steps infant care Rego Park, NY, is more than just daycare. It’s a fun place for your child to grow and develop new and exciting skills. We nurture your child to achieve more developmental milestones in their life.

Infant Learning Programs

Our infant learning programs follow an exclusive curriculum that allows stimulation for growth and provides for a strong foundation for learning new things.

For infant learning, we approach it in a way how a mother treats its children, with attention and care. Our program includes educational toys that are safe for infants and activities where they can actively participate.

Here at Baby Steps infant care, childcare, and day care facility at Rego Park, NY, our staff is well-versed in child care. They’re properly trained to handle all types of children. They’ll provide your child with the proper learning that best suits his or her attitude.


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baby boy smiling while crawling on legos
Toddler Learning Programs

Toddlers are known to be more active when it comes to learning new things. That’s why they need an environment where they can move freely while learning.

Our toddler learning program focuses all that energy into a natural learning experience. We give your children the room to move freely and to explore new things while guiding them along the way. We also provide for educational toys and activities fit for toddlers.

Baby Steps values positive learning experiences for your child’s development. We go beyond what other daycares provide to give your children the best results possible while letting themselves enjoy their childhood.

But Don't Just Take Our Words For it

Check Out What Our Parents Are Saying...

We've been blessed to have our child in the hands of these amazing teachers and staff for the past three years. Our son is about to start K and we feel truly grateful for how much he's learned, as a student and a person. We can't recommend it enough! We love Baby Steps II.
Jon Joyce
This daycare is one of the best in the neighborhood. My son has been attending this daycare for a little over a year and we couldn't be happier. Each child receives individual attention. The teachers and the director of the daycare make sure that all kids are supported in their developmental process. We constantly get feedback from the teachers on how our son is doing.
Irina Mak
My five year old spent two years of day care here, and I have a small one year old that I will soon enroll. They are absolutely the best. Very responsive. Very professional. When my son was three years old, he came home having comprehended advanced lessons, was excited about going to school, knew and interacted with all the other children, and was thriving. I have to say that, having had a LOT of interaction with all the people at this location, I'm very surprised to read the negative reviews. The staff has only always been exceptional, and I couldn't think of one way to make the interactions better if I tried.
Justin Stec
I can not say enough about how amazing Baby Steps daycare is. The progress my daughter has made in a year and a half there amazes me. After being in Baby steps for only a couple of months her vocabulary doubled. A year and a half later my daughter still amazes me with how much she has learned and progressed. All of the teachers are very hands on with the kids and I love all the cooking and art projects the kids get to work on. The teachers at Baby Steps are truly wonderful and really care for the children. My husband and I were so nervous when we had to put our daughter into daycare but Baby Steps was a true gem to find and now we can't wait till our newborn is old enough for us to enroll with baby steps.
Catherine Plumeau
This daycare does what it's supposed to do, create a loving and caring environment for kids to learn in. My son and daughter both have thrived in this environment, they are happy and well rounded. Could not have asked for a better experience
Alisa Verzhansky

6408 Fleet St
Rego Park, NY 11374

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