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A Word From Our Director

Warm greetings from Baby Steps. Thank you for giving our little daycare a chance and explore our wonderful services.

Our preschool is dedicated to giving your child the best experiences of their childhood.

We offer a wide range of child care and child development activities for your children. Activities like Zumba classes, ASL sessions, and aftercare programs are all available for your children to enroll. You can also check our website for more information about the programs that we offer.

Here at Baby Steps, we value your children’s safety. We’re confident that your children are safe and secure here in our daycare. Our facilities are designed to let your kids play, run freely, and explore new things. Schedule for a trip to our daycare now and see for yourself.

Our goal here at Baby Steps is to develop your child’s mind and skills. With our extensive programs, your children will enjoy his or her stay here at our daycare. We take pride in the abilities of our staff and teachers to bring you only the best service.

Daycare and Preschool

As a Toddler Care, Daycare and Preschool, we are dedicated to creating a child-friendly place for your kids. Whether your child is a shy kid, energetic toddler, or an eager learner, our teachers are ready to support your children. We make every moment here a fun learning experience for your kids.

Our school is currently located at three different locations. The first daycare is located at 6408 Fleet St Rego Park, NY 11374, which is our infant care facility. The second can be found at 112-18 76th Road Forest Hills, where we teach Universal Pre-Kindergarten. And finally, the third daycare can be located at 64-11 Fleet Street Rego Park, New York 11374, which also caters to Universal Pre-Kindergarten.

Each of our daycare centers is equipped with credible and child-loving staff members who are dedicated to their job.

Our enrollment process is currently ongoing. And if you want to know more about our enrollment process, you can always check our website for more details. You can also call us on our number listed on our website for more information. We are still welcome to assist you in your enrollment process.

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Director and Staff

Here at Baby Steps, we are all proud to say that the service we provide is second to none. Having both passionate and loving teachers is the best way to start a daycare. We always believe that what we do here at our daycare is something special, and we want you and your kids to be part of that particular thing.

From the bottom of our hearts here at Baby Steps, we humbly welcome you and your children to join us in this exciting journey of discovery. We always appreciate your efforts in finding the best school for your kids.

Thank you again for giving Baby Steps a chance to get to know what we do. We hope to see you soon! Take care!