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Baby Steps is a provider of Infant Care, Daycare and Preschool in Queens, NY. We specialize in developing programs to match the unique emotional, social and intellectual needs of your children. Our administration and staff have garnered the best of credentials to deal with the roller coaster rides of kids. We adore them, just like any parent would on their children.

Here at Baby Steps, we value your child’s future. Developing their social, educational, and cognitive needs is what drives us to help your children achieve their dreams. Let your children learn new things in a fun and exciting way.

We provide a homelike environment where your kids can relax, feel safe and secure. The educational programs that we offer will spark new interests for your children. Our facilities also provide a unique learning experience for each child, where they can rouse their curiosity and learn.

At Baby Steps daycare and preschool, we encourage autonomy with our children. Learning at their own pace helps them build confidence and cover Big Milestones in their formative years.

 Our programs are available to kids all over the community in Queens, Forest Hills, Kew Gardens and Rego Park.
Each program that we provide ensures positive results towards your children's growth.

We are aware of the developmental concerns your kids have, and if you want, you can consult with us further. Schedule an appointment with us or call us at 347-960-8334 for your inquiries.

freedom of self-expresion Our job is to guide your children while learning how to express themselves. We enable students to show what they aspire to be and provide them with the tools on how to realise these dreams. We believe that every child has a goal that needs to be fulfilled. Observing and monitoring the daily activities of your child helps our teachers learn and know more about your child. Our teachers will then develop the necessary tools to help your child develop these skills while continuing to express themselves. Letting them be themselves around others is vital to build their character. Children develop their personalities based on the influences surrounding him. We get to know more about your children and prepare activities that best suit them. That’s why here at Baby Steps Daycare, we let your children explore new things to help develop their character.

Emotional Supprt

Each of our programs provides emotional support for your child. Our dedicated teachers will provide for the necessary emotional support that every kid needs as they grow older. We believe that the journey of a child begins with proper guidance and understanding.

Every kid needs emotional support; however, parents aren’t there for 24 hours a day, especially if both parents are working. That’s why parents tend to enroll their kids in preschools and daycares to give them the emotional support that they lack. Here at Baby Steps Daycare, we value the emotional support that every child needs.

With proper support, every kid will grow up emotionally healthy and comfortable with their life.

Being in a new place might be hard for children, especially when their parents are not around. Here at Baby Steps Daycare, we provide the best homelike environment for your kids. We offer a place where your children can relax and be themselves around other kids.

Our facilities provide a safe and cosy place for your children to learn and grow. Your children’s safety is our top priority when it comes to learning.

We’re always finding new ways on how to develop your child’s natural talents. All our programs are specially designed to prepare your children for advanced learning. So that when they move up a grade, they’ll be prepared.

We encourage our students to be independent to develop their unique skills and interests on their own. At Baby Steps Preschool, we are dedicated to helping your child meet developmental milestones in their life.

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Our Locations

Location I

Infant Care Facility

6 Months

6408 Fleet St
Rego Park, NY 11374

Program Open- Enrolling Now !
Call/ Email for more information.

Infant Care Facility
Call for information and future enrollment.
Coming Soon!!!

Location II

Universal Pre-Kindergarten

Enrolling from Age 2-5 Years Old

112-18 76th Road
Forest Hills, NY 11375

7 Week Summer Program

7 Week Summer Program

07/11/2022 – 08/26/2022
5x a Week Attendance: $290/week
4x a Week Attendance: $270/Week. 
Meals and weekly trips included.

Register for Summer Camp Now
7 Week Summer Program- 07/12/2021-08/27/2021 8:00 AM-6:00 PM CALL FOR INFORMATION AND TOUR

Location III

Universal Pre-Kindergarten

Enrolling from Age 2-5 Years Old

64-11 Fleet Street
Rego Park, New York 11374

7 Week Summer Program

07/11/2022 – 08/26/2022
5x a Week Attendance: $290/week
4x a Week Attendance: $270/Week. 
Meals and weekly trips included.

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Educational Programs

baby boy smiling while crawling on legos

Baby Steps Infant care is more than just taking care of your baby. We want to give your infant only the best care a parent could ever provide.

2 girls laughing while lying on legos
2 to 3 years

We provide the best toddler education program where we can channel that energy and convert it into a fun learning experience.

teacher and kindergarten students playing with shapes
3 to 4 years

Each daycare has its curriculum that they follow and a different way of teaching kids. There are many ways to teach early childhood development programs for children.

female teacher sitting with students while they play with the water basin
4 to 5 years

Our preschool is UPK approved and  accredited by the DPI and the DOE in providing early education for children who are not yet in kindergarten. We are ready to enroll your pre-kindergarten kids.

male teacher being hugged by kindergarten students
2:20 to 6 pm

Your child might enjoy his time at school, but eventually, it will end once that bell rings. That’s why here in Baby Steps, we provide for the best aftercare programs for your kids.

group of children in a dance fitness class
get involved

Early childhood development is more than just the things they learn inside the classroom. Some of the best learning experiences can be found after school where they relax and do fun activities.

But Don't Just Take Our Words For it

Check Out What Our Parents Are Saying...

This will be my son’s second year and my daughter’s first year at Baby Steps. We are beyond grateful to have our children at this program. They offer wonderful care, lesson plans, activities, and the teachers and staff are just amazing at what they do. My kids love it there, and they have learned so much! I highly recommend this daycare!
Altagracia Navarro
We've been blessed to have our child in the hands of these amazing teachers and staff for the past three years. Our son is about to start K and we feel truly grateful for how much he's learned, as a student and a person. We can't recommend it enough! We love Baby Steps II.
Estefanía Vaz Ferreira
My daughter has been in this school for over two years. She is attending pre-k here now. She loves her teachers, her friends here. The children are not inside the classroom all day. Teachers will bring them outside to the neighborhood to learn and see when the weather is good. They also have play ground time if weather permitted. We would like our second child to go here too.
wendy wang
Baby steps is truly and amazing place for early childhood learning. My daughter has been at baby steps for two years and now enrolled in Pre-K there. I could not be more pleased with the teachers and director. My daughter was very shy and and lacked confidence in herself and the teachers at Baby was able to change that. She has blossomed into an independent, confident, smart and well mannered individual. The Director always answers her phone, and email promptly. All questions and concerns are handled immediately. Its the best decision I could of ever made for my daughter. Just one visit, meeting the director and teachers you would be pleased. Highly recommended!
Kandice Ramkarran
We've been blessed to have our child in the hands of these amazing teachers and staff for the past three years. Our son is about to start K and we feel truly grateful for how much he's learned, as a student and a person. We can't recommend it enough! We love Baby Steps II.
Estefanía Vaz Ferreira

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6408 Fleet St
Rego Park, NY 11374

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