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Universal Pre-Kindergarten

2 Years old - 5 Years Old

Welcome to Baby Steps Daycare and Preschool  in 112-18 76th Road
Forest Hills, NY 11375. We offer a wide range of child care and support for children ages 2-5 years old. Here at Baby Steps Daycare, we value the importance of your child’s growth.

Our daycare specializes in preparing your children for preschool and beyond. We help build your child’s confidence to face new challenges when advancing to a new grade. The stimulating environment that we provide will help your kids prepare for a new journey ahead.

The unique programs that we offer include teaching kids how to be independent while learning how to interact with others. Independence is an integral part of growing, and this is where they develop self-help and appreciation for responsibilities.

Our Programs

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Emergent Preschool Education

Program 3-4 years old

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Universal Pre-K Approved

6.5 hours attendance

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After Care Program

available from 2:20-6PM

Extra Curriculum PROGRAMS
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ASL Class

American Sign Language Classes

teacher and mother teaching a toddler with shapes

Zumba Class

Ready to dance and have fun in Zumba

Baby Steps Daycare Road Forest Hills

Here at Baby Steps Daycare Road Forest Hills, the staff and teachers are well-trained and have years of experience in child support and development. Our team regularly follows routines that ensure your child gets the best support.

While we let them learn at their own pace, we never fall short in guiding them along the way. In our classroom, we encourage our students to be themselves, and this helps them develop new traits that they bring along as they advance through a higher class.

We want to invite you and your kids to our daycare center and experience for yourself the pleasant environment that we’ve created. Our facilities are always open to new enrollees, and our staff is willing and waiting to accommodate you.

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Daycare Programs

We offer a variety of programs in our daycare. Our programs include toddler care, Cognitive Development, and physical development. These are just some aspects that we focus on to help your kid prepare for his or her future.

Here at 112-18 76th Road Forest Hills, NY 11375, we specialize in taking care of children ages 2-5 years old. In this stage, we focus more on the child’s academic skills and physical development in preparation for kindergarten.

During this age, they tend to become more aware of their surroundings. They learn more from others and from the classes they take. That’s why we need to give them the proper learning tools to boost their thirst for knowledge.

So kids might find the classes hard, that’s why if you have any concerns about your child’s performance, we are happy to schedule an appointment with you.

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Universal Pre-kindergarten

We believe that Pre-kindergarten programs are essential for a child’s development, especially at a young age. It lets them prepare for kindergarten at an early age, which gives them an edge when they finally enter kindergarten.

In the years leading up to kindergarten, children become more aware of their surroundings. Giving them a safe environment where they can learn and be themselves allows them to learn more effectively. Our daycare offers such facilities where your kids can grow independently in a clean and relaxing environment.

More and more parents are enrolling their children in these pre-kindergarten programs, and we believe that you should too. Your child’s mind starts to progress faster during these crucial years.

But Don't Just Take Our Words For it

Check Out What Our Parents Are Saying...

This will be my son’s second year and my daughter’s first year at Baby Steps. We are beyond grateful to have our children at this program. They offer wonderful care, lesson plans, activities, and the teachers and staff are just amazing at what they do. My kids love it there, and they have learned so much! I highly recommend this daycare!
Altagracia Navarro
Baby steps has been a blessing for me and my family. My children adore their teachers and have learned so much. The communication between the teachers and the parents is excellent. A great experience all around.
Joseph Reciniello
Our older son went to Baby Steps, and it was such a good experience that we decided to send our younger one as well. The staff is great, they give a lot of feedback, are very accessible, and are very professional. Plus they provide a great environment for the little ones to develop socially and academically. Most importantly, our kids always come back home happy (our older one is now in grade school, and he still talks about how much he enjoyed Baby Steps). We know our little guy in good hands.
Stef B
We've been blessed to have our child in the hands of these amazing teachers and staff for the past three years. Our son is about to start K and we feel truly grateful for how much he's learned, as a student and a person. We can't recommend it enough! We love Baby Steps II.
Estefanía Vaz Ferreira
As parents, we feel lucky that we chose Baby Steps for my daughter. My daughter has been in this school for over two years. She is attending pre-k here now. She loves her teachers, her friends here. The children are not inside the classroom all day. Teachers will bring them outside to the neighborhood to learn and see when the weather is good. They also have play ground time if weather permitted. We would like our second child to go here too.
Wendy Wang

112-18 76th Road
Forest Hills, NY 11375

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112-18 76th Road Forest Hills

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