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10 Tips For Showing Your Preschooler You Love Them On Valentines Day

valentines day

We tend to forget that valentines day is not just about romantic love but also about the love we have for our children and grandchildren. Preschoolers are special and can make even a dull day sparkle. They are the future of your family, and they need to know how special they are. Young ones are the happiest among us on valentines day. We must show our love for them at all times; this will help them know how special they are! 

This day is also memora­ble for little ones because they conceive it as an occasion to share sweet memories with grandparents and parents. If you want your children to feel special on this day, you need to make it memorable for them. You can do so by making them feel loved and special through the following tips:

1. Give Them Gifts

Give your kids gifts for Valentine’s Day. They’ll feel loved and special. Give them presents not only for Valentine’s Day itself but also during the earlier days of February. 

You can show your love to them by giving gifts that are special for them. Some of these gifts are: 

  • Chocolate. Kids love chocolate eggs, hearts, and candies.
  • Toys. You can give them special toys like soft bears and fidget toys that they have been asking for for a long time. 
  • Clothes. They will be very happy to receive new clothes on this occasion. 
  • Gift Vouchers. You can buy them gift vouchers to their favorite shopping stores or any other place of their choice so that they feel special.

2. Spend Time with Them

valentines day

Children spend more time with elders on weekends and holidays like Valentine’s Day. Try to spend time with them; this will make them happier and help you strengthen your bond. Walk with your children or carry them around on this day if you have small ones. How about going for breakfast and lunch together? The more time you spend with them, the more they will feel special.

Kids love to be taken places for a special occasion. You can treat them to a romantic dinner at a good restaurant of their choice or go on some trip on this day. You can also let them play out in the park on this day.

3. Gift Cards are not just for Adults

Give your preschooler gift cards on Valentine’s Day. Gift cards will help the children choose what they want to buy themselves this Valentine’s day. Kids love choosing gifts for themselves so that you can give them gift cards on this special occasion. Simple written love notes or love cards are also a nice idea. If you have a member in your family who does not celebrate Valentine’s Day, you can give them marked cards on that day, but still, make some special efforts for your kids.

4. Show Your Love Through Words

valentines day

Your love for kids is important, and you need to show it through the way you speak to your children, the way you treat them, and the way they feel when they see how much they mean to you. Show them how much you care by constantly telling them that they are special and loving. Speak very nicely to them as a mother always does, because this will make them feel loved and wanted.

Words of encouragement are essential in the lives of children because they always try to do their best in life. If they feel they are of no use, they lose their enthusiasm and start feeling depressed. If you give them words of encouragement, they will feel special.

5. Cook Something Special

Cook something special for your kids on Valentine’s Day. This will help them feel special and loved. If they do not celebrate this day, they can still prepare something to eat or treat themselves to a cake with their favorite childhood snacks. Why not try making sugar cookies together? You can use different colored frosting to create a heart on the top of each cookie.

Most kids love fruit salads, pizzas, and sandwiches made with vegetables. If you make these dishes for your kids, they will surely like them; the best part about it is that these preparations are easy to make, even for small children. You can buy or prepare the ingredients at home and host them for this day.

6. Sing

child sings

If you cannot cook something for your children at home, you can give them a musical treat by singing sweet romantic songs of Valentine’s day or old love songs that you have always loved with the child. Just let your child enjoy the joy of listening to the love songs sung with special care.

While singing the love songs, you can include your child. Ask them to sing along with you, which will make them feel special. This will also help you in strengthening your bond with the kids. 

Music brings people together. Keep singing together with the kids and make them feel happy.

You can also sing your favorite romantic love song as a duet with your child on this occasion.

7. Show Them Your Love Through Your Actions

There is no need for words when you show your love for them through your actions. You can do so by letting them know that they are special and loved by continuously kissing them on the cheeks, hugging them tightly, playing with them, and taking care of their needs.

Valentine’s Day is a day to appreciate the special bond you share with children. These are some of how you can show your love for your children on this day. Remember that words alone will not make your child feel special or loved; you need to act in a way that will warm up their heart and soul.

Ways you can show your love through actions:

1. Kiss

Try making a tradition of kissing your children on Valentine’s day.

2. Hugging

Hugging is always the best way to show your love for your children. Do not hesitate to show them your love and affection by embracing them in a comfortable embrace for both of you and expressing how special they are to you.

3. Play a game

Parents playing with children is a great way to enrich the bond between you. You can play your favorite game with them or let them teach you something new.

4. Acting

Acting is always an integral part of any family occasion. You can do it together by acting out some short play or making up a fantasy story that revolves around your family’s life and values. This will not only help you in building stronger relationships but will also strengthen their bond and love for each other. 

5. Treat them

Most children love their favorite snacks. If you have a treat prepared for them on this occasion, let them enjoy it by choosing the snack they want to eat or giving them one of the snacks they always wish to have on this day. 

6. Discipline with love

Valentine’s Day is a day when you can tell your children that they are special and loved by giving them love with discipline. You can do so by disciplining or scolding them in a way that shows your love for them.

7. Handholding

Holding hands while walking along on this special occasion is always a great way to strengthen their bond, talk to each other, and express their love for each other.

8. Do Some Crafts

child crafts

You can make some crafts for your kids on this day. It can be a small valentines day card for them, a small toy to play with, or even a game that will last for hours together. You can also let them help you in preparing the food for the day. It is something they will remember forever throughout their life, and it will surely be a great moment to cherish. You can also try these fantastic valentines day crafts for kids.

9. Do a Random Act of Kindness Together

You can take some random steps to show your love for them. You can do something for someone and make it a surprise for your child. Sharing a smile with a stranger, helping an elderly person, and giving food to a poor person make you feel good inside as well as help other people in need.

10. Read a Love-Themed Bedtime Story Together

Love-Themed Bedtime Story

You can also try reading a love-themed bedtime story to your children. Reading them such a story will help strengthen their bond and fill up their hearts with joy. 

If you are short of time, you can choose a short valentines day story and read it randomly to your child on this special day. If you are comfortable with reading true fairy tales, then you can choose one of these recommended bedtime stories for kids: “Winnie the Pooh” or “The Three Little Pigs.” 

Final Thoughts

Valentine’s Day is all about sharing love and happiness around you. The best way you can express your love on this special occasion is by doing something that will bring joy to others around you. As parents, it is your responsibility to guide your children to the right path so that they can become successful individuals in the future. You can do so by teaching them the importance of love, honesty, and discipline in their lives.

We at NY Baby Steps hope that our guide to the best valentines day traditions for your kids helps you decide what to do and how to make your children feel special on this day.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions about this post, please share them with us in the comment section below.

Happy Valentine’s Day!