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Valentines Day Crafts for Kids: 14 Easy & Fun Ideas

valentines day crafts for kids

Valentine’s day is a special day for romantics out there. It is the day for lovers to express their love for one another and show that they care about each other. This day gives people an opportunity to express their love in some form of arts and crafts, whether writing a poem or crafting a piece of art. You can celebrate Valentine’s Day by making crafts with your child in the house this Valentine’s Day. 

While making valentines day crafts for kids is a great idea, it can be challenging to come up with the perfect DIY project. You have to come up with something they will enjoy while also making a great learning opportunity. We at Baby Steps Daycare will give you some great craft ideas for children that are sure to be a hit!

The Advantages of Crafts for Children

valentines day crafts for kids

Crafting is a great activity for a number of reasons. These include the following:

  • It is a Great Way of Creative Expression: Crafting is an excellent way for children to be creative. As they craft, they are able to let their imagination run wild with many different patterns, shapes, and colors. For example, children have complete control over what they draw and how they draw it during the drawing stage. They can use any color pencil or crayon that they want and freely express themselves on the paper. Crafting can also teach children about art and how different materials will affect the outcome of their work of art!
  • It Improves Fine Motor Skills: Children who craft have a much easier time with fine motor skills. They can learn how to use different tools and manipulate them with precision. For small children, crafting can help them practice the fine motor skills they will need later in life, such as writing and holding a pen.
  • It Improves Coordination: Crafting is also a way for children to improve their coordination. For example, many crafts require children to cut shapes out of paper or create patterns out of thread on a loom. These tasks require great hand-eye coordination, which your child needs for sports and other activities!
  • It Teaches Uniqueness and Imperfections: Through crafting, children are taught that there isn’t a perfect way to do things or a perfect outcome of the craft. It can engage their learning as they realize that they need to make sure everything is how they want it, but not necessarily how someone else wants it to be done. They also learn that everyone’s craft is different, even if it looks the same to others.  

12 Easy & Fun Ideas Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

Many different craft ideas are available to help kids improve their fine motor skills. But the following are some of the most fun, easy crafts for children out there today!

1. Toilet Paper Roll Heart Stamps Craft

valentines day crafts for kids

Excellent Valentine’s Day crafts for kids are easy for little hands to manage. And what’s cheaper and easier than Valentine crafts made with toilet paper rolls? Pretty Prudent will show you how to transform these common items into heart stampers. You simply dip them in pink or red paint. This craft idea gives them a chance to practice their fine motor skills.

2. DIY Heart Stamp For Children

DIY heart stamp

If you are a crafty mom at heart, it’s never too early to get your little ones engaged in your artsy endeavors. This DIY heart stamp from Fantastic Fun and Learning is an easy craft you can do with little ones to help them improve their fine motor skills and coordination. It utilizes clothespins to convert foam heart stickers into stampers, and with easy-to-grasp handles, they’re excellent for tiny hands.

3. Paper Bag Puffy Hearts

paper bag puffy hearts

Are you looking to take your preschooler’s fingerprint art to the next level? Happy Hooligans will show you how to make a paper sack into a cute, puffy heart shape decorated in finger paint. Your little ones will need help stitching the heart together with yarn, but the cuteness and excitement sure are worth it! It is the perfect craft for toddlers to create. If you are concerned about the level of mess, you may use stampers instead of fingers to apply paint.

4. Salt Dough Handprint Frame

salt dough handprint frame

Salt dough can be an excellent medium for Valentine’s day crafts. It is safe for kids and easy to mix; it lets you and your little ones create adorable keepsakes, like these Salt Dough Handprint Frame from Messy Little Monster. We feel amazed that they serve up a double dose of nostalgia, preserving both your little one’s handprint and a picture of her at the time the print was captured.

5. DIY Candy Heart XO

valentines day crafts for kids

This Valentine’s Day craft for little ones is as easy as taking candy from a toddler. Begin with large foam letters, an X, and an O, and let your toddler glue candy hearts on them for an adorable and sweet finished product. You can find the detailed instructions at Carrie Elle.

6. Framed Button Heart

valentines day crafts for kids

It is another great project for toddlers and preschoolers. You can use buttons to make this simple but cute framed heart. Children will love the peaceful feeling as they add the button to the frame! You can visit Carrie Elle to find detailed instructions on how to construct this craft.

7. Salt Dough Footprint Keepsake

salt dough footprint keepsake

Your young child will love to see their footprints recreated in salt dough. It is easy and utterly adorable, making it one of the best Valentine’s day crafts for kids. For details and instructions, you may visit Red Ted Art

8. Valentine’s Day Bird Feeders

valentines day bird feeders

This fantastic heart-shaped bird feeder is one of those Valentine’s Day crafts that’s a total win-win. It is a super-fun activity that teaches kids about caring for small animals. This wonderful craft idea from Simple Joy will be sure to bring love! 

9. Valentine’s Day Heart Craft For Kids

Who doesn’t love hearts? This Valentine’s Day craft from Visit Crafty Morning is super simple and lets you and your little ones express your love for each other in a very personal manner. It is also an ideal craft to improve your child’s fine motor skills.

10. String Of Hearts

string of hearts

This wire heart craft is deceptively simple, but it will help keep your kids busy and hone their fine motor skills. This project from Paging Supermom will allow you to create a string of hearts that can be easily hung up for decoration. It is a lovely way to help bring some much-needed love into your home!

11. Coffee Filter Heart Suncatchers


coffee filter heart suncatchers

It is another Valentine’s craft idea that your child will enjoy making. You may need to provide your children with coffee filters and washable markers, then allow them to unleash their creativity. Your children will enjoy spraying the water and witnessing the colors spread. This craft idea from Farm Wife will surely bring about a warm and fuzzy feeling as your child decorates the coffee filter.

12. Textured Yarn Heart Craft

textured yarn heart craft

There are many things you can make using colorful yarns. It is a surprisingly versatile material, and you can find a lot of creative crafts that you can make using yarn. This yarn heart craft from Hands On As We Grow is one of those cute valentines day crafts for kids. They are the perfect addition to your children’s Valentine’s Day decoration.

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed the post about 12 easy & fun ideas for valentines day crafts for kids! We would love to know if this post helped you or your child in any way. You may share your experience by commenting below.

We hope all of your little ones had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! Enjoy their creations and craft lessons, have fun playing with them, and most importantly, have fun together.

We at Baby Steps Daycare understand how much Valentine’s day means to your child. We want to make sure that each of your little ones enjoys this special day and walks away with some special memories they will cherish forever.

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