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How To Instill a Love of Reading in Children?

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Reading is one of the most pleasurable and enjoyable things to do. However, if you want your child to love it as much as you do, you probably know that there’s a bit more to it than just reading books. In this article, I will be talking about how you can instill a passion for reading in your children and the benefits it can provide your child.

As a parent, I understand how difficult it can sometimes be to find the time to read to your children; we all have our responsibilities and duties we must attend to. However, I would like to stress that it is never too late or too early for you to start instilling a love for reading in your child.

Why is Reading Important for A Child?

There are many more reasons that I could list why reading is important for a child, but instead, I will focus on the most important ones.

Reading helps your child :

  • Develop Good Listening Skills: The most important reason reading is imperative for your children’s development is that it helps them develop good communication skills.
  • Improves Memory Power and Comprehension – Reading stimulates the child’s memory, which is instrumental in developing communication skills and fosters the development of diverse brain centers. Furthermore, reading is an excellent way for kids to remember what they read.
  • It Brings Out the Creative Side in Children – Reading is a great way to develop their imagination and creativity. It stimulates their minds, encourages them to imagine themselves in the story, and helps them create the right atmosphere for storytelling.
  • Improves Child’s Reading Skills and Increases his Vocabulary – Reading can help a child develop their reading skills. It helps develop their ability to read words through short sentences, which is known as phonics. It also helps a child increase their vocabulary, as it contains a lot of complex words.
  • Develop a Lifelong Love of Reading: Reading is a great way to continue their learning beyond school. It can keep them engaged and interested in learning until they are an adult.

The above mentioned are the reasons why you should be encouraging your child to read at a very young age. To help you get your child started on the road to reading, Baby Steps Daycare will share with you great tips to instill a passion for reading in your child.

6 Tips for Instilling Passion for Reading In Children


Read Aloud and Make It Exciting

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When you read aloud, make sure to make the story exciting; we all know how difficult it can be to hold a child’s attention. So, try and make the story exciting with your voice and the voices of the characters. If you like, you can use different accents or voices for each character. You do not need to read from a book; you can start with a picture book and then later go to your favorite novels.

I use different voices for my children for the characters, and it seems to keep their attention better. If you have a son, try reading him a book with some masculine characters. A girl might like some feminine voices. You can even make some of the characters more mature or younger by using your voice to depict this.

Have a Book Collection

have a book collection

You will need to have at least a small collection of books for your child. Children love to be read to and will want you to keep reading as much as possible. That is why having a collection of books that aren’t too large is very important.

Another thing you can do is ask the librarian for book recommendations; by this, I mean asking what books would be appropriate for your child’s age and interests. Books are also excellent interactive gifts for preschoolers. If money allows you, invest in good quality books because cheap or low-quality books may not last as long and may not be as durable as their high-quality counterparts.

Make A Space For Reading

child reading

It is essential to establish a conducive atmosphere and comfortable space for reading as well as set aside quality time for leisure reading.

The reading engagement of kids is mostly affected by environmental factors such as heat, noise, and uncomfortable seats. Additionally, kids are likely to read for a longer time when in a pleasant reading environment.

To enable your kids to engage with reading, parents should create a cozy, warm environment for reading. It means that your kids will need a comfortable chair with a good bookshelf and lots of books to keep them busy. They should also have a quiet place to read where they can be undisturbed.

Select A Book That You Can Both Relate To

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A great way to get your child to love reading is to read books you can relate to. It gives your child the feeling as though they are part of the story and helps them relate to the characters. For example, you can read a story that describes a little boy or girl that lives in your neighborhood, or you could even find a great picture book on YouTube.

Most of all, make sure that you and your child like the book and will want to read it again. I have always been attracted to books about animals, especially those from the prehistoric era, like dinosaurs. I have a few dinosaur books that I read to my children. However, not all children will be attracted to animal books, so this may not work for every child.

Talk About Books

talk about books

The best way to make a child love reading is to talk about the books you are reading. Be sure to ask your kids questions about the books, and this will help them learn more about what they are reading. It also encourages them to try and figure out why things happen in a story. It helps them develop their thinking skills and expands their vocabulary.

The most important thing that you can do is explain why you love a book or author. For example, you can explain why you loved particular books or authors or how one of your favorite characters helped or inspired you. This way, your child can understand why they are reading.

Take Your Kid To The Library Regularly

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A good way of keeping your child’s attention is to take them to the library regularly. One of my favorite ways of encouraging my children to love reading is by taking them to the library at least once a week. This opportunity gives them a reason to enjoy their time there and exposes them to many new books that may interest them.

Children also get ideas for future reading material and can even spot different looks similar to the one they are currently reading. This way, they get more ideas for their next book or book series. It builds an eagerness to read and inspires them to read more than just their books at home. Furthermore, children get a chance to review what they have already read too.

So, as you can see, it is never too late to instill a love for reading in your child. You should always remember to read with passion and interest because this will get them excited about books. Have fun with them as you read and talk about the books you are reading. Remember, reading is not about simply learning how to read but also about strengthening knowledge, exploring new ideas, and developing a creative eye for creating the most stimulating words and sentences.