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Dinosaur Books For Kids – A Guide Made Easy For You

What’s more fun than imagining what it might be like to live with dinosaurs? Well, if you think the answer is nothing, then you’ll love these dinosaur books for kids.


Reasons Why Dinosaur Books Are Great For Kids

1. They take kids back in time to when dinosaurs ruled the earth.
Everyone loves dinosaurs, but they are prevalent among kids. Nevertheless, dinosaurs are a great way to interest your child in reading, and you can further engage your child’s imagination and curiosity by reading his dinosaur books for kids together.

2. They provide a creative outlet to relieve stress for both children and adults.
Dinosaurs are fascinating animals. In addition, it can be tough to channel all that excitement into something constructive. It’s good for kids to practice thinking outside the box, which is why these dinosaur books are such a hit with children and adults.

3. They have no concern for gender or race.
What better technique to get kids interested in learning than by reading books about dinosaurs? Conversely, when it comes to dinosaur books for kids, both boys and girls of all ages will be able to find something enjoyable, regardless of their backgrounds or interests.

4. They teach kids about structures, biology, and the environment.
Like anything else in life, dinosaurs are a lot more enjoyable when you know what they’re made of or where they came from. Likewise, it is good for kids to appreciate where food and resources come from and why it is essential to respect the environment.

5. They teach kids about history.
Archaeologists believe that dinosaurs were on the planet for nearly 150 million years. Therefore, this means that kids can learn a lot about their world by reading dinosaur books for kids.

6. They teach kids about science.
Science is not only fascinating and impressive, but it’s cool, and kids love cool things. In addition, reading dinosaur books for kids will get your child thinking about exciting things, even if he’s not interested in dinosaurs.

7. They teach kids about the universe in a fun way.
Dinosaurs may have been the largest animals that have ever lived, but they were still much smaller than the vast majority of stars and planets that exist in the universe today. Reading dinosaur books for kids might instead give kids a better idea of what’s out there and what the universe is really like.


Tips in Choosing Dinosaur Books for Your Kids

1. Pick the right book for your child.
Some kids love dinosaurs, while others find them terrifying. Some are fascinated by dinosaurs, while others would much rather not know about them at all. Many of our customers purchase books for young readers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners. If you think there will be many dinosaur books to choose from, you might want to check out our dinosaur books for toddlers section.

2. Choose the correct age level that is appropriate for your child.
When picking out dinosaur books for kids, you first have to determine your child’s age. Most kids will enjoy anything that has to do with dinosaurs, but if you notice your child is lost within the book, it’s probably not the best choice. If your kid can read on his own, it is better to let him pick a book that he is interested in.

3. Choose a book that fits in with your family’s ideals and values.
We all have different values, and those values are passed down from generation to generation. Consequently, it is your turn as the parent to guide your child to learn about the world around him.

4. Consider what else your child likes.
It is confident that if you or your child likes dinosaurs, then you will enjoy reading new information about them each night before bedtime, but it is also good to consider whether or not your child likes other topics as well. You might want to start by looking at our dinosaur books for kids that do not include dinosaurs.

5. Consider your child’s interest level.
It is better to start young with reading because children have short attention spans and tend to feel bored quickly. There are plenty of great dinosaur books for kids, but if your child has an aversion to reading or is just very shy about reading, you might want to go with easy reader dinosaur books for kids instead.

6. Consider the size of your child’s library.
One of the most significant advantages of having an extensive library is that you can purchase smaller or larger books depending on what you need at any given time. However, if you have a narrow library, it might be better to choose a book with fewer words and more pictures to keep your child interested in reading altogether.


Top 10 Dinosaur Books For Your Kids

1.The Girl and the Dinosaur by Hollie Hughes

the girl and the dinosaur book cover page

This is a very rare and special book where the words and pictures take you on a magical journey far beyond the page. Come along with Marianne as she digs dinosaur bones. But what happens when a dinosaur comes to life in her sleep?

Get the book here.


2. Say Hello to the Dinosaurs by Ian Whybrow

say hello to the dinosaurs book cover page

Are you ready to roar like a dinosaur? Then this book is perfect for you and your kids! Say Hello to Dinosaurs teaches young children all about the different species of dinosaurs – from the gentle diplodocus to the underwater ichthyosaurus.

Get the book here.


3. Dinosaur vs. Bedtime! by Bob Shea

dinosaur versus bedtime cover page

This is a fun, interactive book for kids who are just beginning to learn about these prehistoric beasts. Furthermore, it is an excellent choice for parents who want something lighthearted and silly.

Get the book here.


4. Dinosaur Lands by Neiko Ng

dinosaur lands cover page

It is a board book filled with prehistoric scenes and every type of dinosaur for all kids to discover. Children from 3-5 years old will have a lot of fun identifying the dinosaur species as they flip through every colorful page!

Get the book here.


5. Dinosaurs Don’t Draw by Ellie Woolard

dinosaurs don't draw book cover page

What do you think dinosaurs do during their free time? They could be stomping, stamping, and roaring, but definitely never drawing! This is a book about a heartwarming tale of a talented young dinosaur who just can’t help but create brilliant works of art while the rest of his family is fighting will teach children that it’s okay to be different from everyone around you.

Get the book here.


6. 101 Dinosaurs by April Jones Prince

101 dinosaurs book cover page

In this rhyming romp, kids will learn about 101 species of dinosaurs and reptiles in prehistoric times. With bite­size information that’s perfect for this young age, phonetic spellings of each creature, and an interactive refrain, the first book in this young nonfiction series is sure to be a hit!

Get the book here.


7. I Can Roar Like a Dinosaur by Karl Newson

i can roar like a dinosaur book cover page

This great book is about a mouse who teaches her fellow animal friends how to roar like a great dinosaur. She gets to work on her dino-roar, but what’s that coming up behind them with an impressive roar of its own?

Get the book here.


8. Dinosaur Roar by Henrietta Stickland

dinosaur book cover page

What could be more fun than learning about how dinosaurs roar through a roaring sound button in a book? Your kids will surely love reading dinosaur stories while listening to dinosaur sounds!

Get the book here.


9. There’s a Dinosaur on the 13th Floor by Wade Bradford

there's a dinosaur on the 13th floor book cover page

This funny tale follows Mr. Snore as he searches for a quiet room at the Sharemore Hotel. We don’t meet the dino from the title until the end, but she exemplifies everything the hotel’s name suggests.

Get the book here.


10. We Love Dinosaurs by Lucy Volpin

we love dinosaurs book cover page

This rhyming text professes its love for dinosaurs of all shapes, sizes, and habits. Consequently, it also has a very descriptive vocabulary that will definitely help your kid learn new words!

Get the book here.



So there you have it, the top ten dinosaur books that you can get for your kid, thus providing your child with these great books, you can help develop their imagination and their love of reading simultaneously. In addition, you will also be providing them with a lot of great information that they will love learning about. Moreover, reading is fun for everyone, and it helps to build up confidence.


Do you have other dinosaur books good for kids? Please let us know here.