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Summer Is Here! 30 Fun Summer Activities for Kids To Enjoy

summer activities for kids

Summer is finally here, and it has been in full swing for a couple of weeks now. Many parents are looking for fun activities to keep their kids entertained during the summer months. We have taken out the guesswork and compiled a list of some fun summer activities for kids. We hope you enjoy them as much as our children did!

Importance of Summer Activities for Kids

We know that summer is the time to have fun, but did you know that summer also gives your children a chance to develop important skills which will enhance their overall experience. In addition, children who participate in summer activities are more likely to do well in school.

As someone who looks after your child’s welfare, you need to ensure that your child is getting the most out of their summer vacation by exposing them, as often as possible, to as many different kinds of summer activities for kids. Summer activities are seen as very beneficial to children’s well-being. The benefits of ‘taking it outdoors’ are listed below.

1. Improves Mental Health

2. Improves Physical Health

3. Develops Social Skills

4. Improves Academic Performance



Getting outside and enjoying the summer weather is a great way to spend the day. Summer activities for kids can be just as fun as playing video games, and they are a great way to learn while having fun! Here is a list of some of our favorite summer activities for kids:


Nature Trips

nature trips














1. Go On A Nature Walk – If a walk through the woods isn’t exciting enough for your children, make the experience more educational by bringing along a field guide and learning about some of the nature you see on your walk. You never know what you might encounter!

2. Create A Garden – Create an edible garden with your children by growing vegetables and herbs, which are both very nutritious. Children will have fun and be inspired to learn more about nature, planning, and executing the garden project. And, of course, they get to eat what they grow!

3. Make Bird Feeders – Not only are birds a beautiful addition to the landscape, but they are also great for attracting nature-loving kids. Use a low-cost and simple birdfeeder to get started. Then, see what sorts of different types of birds have used your feeders in the past.

4. Go On A Rock Hunt – It is amazing how much you can find when looking for rocks. Your kids will have tons of fun finding and picking out their favorite kinds of rocks. And not only will your child learn about the different types of rocks, but they will also learn about managing time and working with others to find the most interesting rocks.

5. Build a Campfire – The smell of campfire smoke sends many people back to their childhood days. It conjures up so many happy memories for many people, and it is such a wonderful way to spend time in nature. And doing something as simple as making a fire can be quite a challenge for many kids, so why not make it fun by adding in some cool challenges like building a s’more or dipping marshmallows on sticks.


Experience Local Sites

experience local sites

6. Visit Water Parks – Water parks provide lots of fun during the summer and are a great way to keep everyone cool and entertained. Most water parks have a variety of rides, restaurants, and other fun attractions, which makes them ideal for the entire family!

7. Pick Some Plants – Find a farm and pick some flowers and vegetables to bring home. It is great to take home something fresh and beautiful with each trip!

8. Go To A Local Dance Class – Children of all ages enjoy dancing, so take them to a local dance class and let them wiggle their way into trying it out for the first time! The more you go, the better they will get at it.

9. Visit a Theater – Theater is a wonderful way to learn, and children of all ages look forward to going to the theater. Take them to the local theater of your choice and watch an exciting movie or play.

10. Take Bike Rides – Take a summer bike ride through the local park and enjoy being outdoors. The fresh air and great scenery are sure to put everyone in a good mood! Either way, bicycling is more fun than anything else you can do with your children.

11. Have A Picnic – Who doesn’t love a good picnic? It is a great way for your family to eat outside and enjoy summer days. And who knows, you may even want to get creative and make a fun-themed picnic such as an alligator or pirate picnic!


Brain Games and Activities

children playing chess

12. Play Hangman – Hangman is an oldie but a goodie, and it is an easy game for children to learn. Not only does Hangman foster teamwork, family competition, and reading skills, but it is also very easy to play.

13. Play Candy Games – There are lots of fun and creative games you can play with your children using candy. Games such as “guess the number of jelly beans in this jar” or “go in order from 1-30 and see how many different types of toys there are” are great ways to introduce them to new games and activities.

14. Play “Spot The Difference” – With some simple yet creative drawing skills, you can have great fun with your children. This is a fun way to teach them about differences and similarities and encourage creativity and visual thinking. You will be surprised at how quickly they can identify the differences.

15. Play Chess – Go head-to-head with your little one at the chess table this summer. Whether you are just starting or want to test your skills, chess is a great way to get the family together for some friendly competition. It is one of the best board games to enjoy playing during summer.

16. Attend Summer Camps – When children are engaged in a summer camp activity, they will spend more time with other kids and will be less bored. Taking your kid to summer camp can be a great learning experience, in addition to being fun!

17. Play Card games – Card games are a fun way to help your children develop their reading skills, and it is a good way to keep them occupied during the summer months. You could even create some sort of contest out of it, where you play against each other and see who the best is!


Make Arts and Crafts

summer activities for kids

18. Create Origami – Origami is a Japanese paper art that has been popular for centuries. It’s fun to learn, and your kids will love helping you make new origami creations. You can find inspiration here.

19. Cardboard Model Ship – Kids love to recreate the world around them, and a cardboard model ship is a great way to do it. They will have a blast making their boat and enjoy seeing their creation come to life. Here is a simple instruction to follow upon making your own model ship. So just make sure all materials needed are ready.

20. Paint with Watercolors – This is among the best summertime creative activities for kids. In this craft, your children will learn a variety of skills that are important for their future, such as how to use different brushes and how to mix colors.

21. Make Paper Airplanes – Making paper airplanes is a fun activity that will keep them entertained for hours. It’s easy to make, and they won’t break if they fall out of the sky! You only need a couple of simple supplies to get started, so why not make some paper airplanes together?


Nighttime Fun

summer activities for kids

22. Listen To Music – Children love to listen to music, and your home sound system will be ready for them at all times. Together you can choose music that is just right for your child. You can even add a TV in the room so they can watch TV while you play music.

23. Watch Movies Together – With a home entertainment system, you will be able to watch movies all summer long. You will have no trouble finding something that your kids would enjoy, and it can keep them busy for hours. Some great family-friendly movies are:

24. Reading books – is one of the best ways for children to learn and improve their comprehension skills and vocabulary. Here are some tips on how to start reading to your kids.

25. Play Video Games – Play some video games in the afternoon after the sun has gone down, and it will be a fun way for your child to unwind after a while. They don’t even have to buy all of their own games! However, don’t forget to limit their screen time, as playing video games for an extended amount of time can lead to burnout and even obesity.


Master A New Skill

summer activities for kids

26. Learn To Play Guitar – Learn to play the guitar this summer! You don’t have to be a pro, just a beginner. Your children will love helping you learn new songs and ways to play them. You can even challenge them to learn all your favorite songs!

27. Improve Your Cooking Skills – Children can be affected by what they eat, so this is a great summer activity for children. You can learn together and cook healthy meals that taste great and give the entire family energy. And besides, learning to cook is an essential skill to have.

28. Learn To Draw – Drawing is an easy skill to master, and it is a great way for children to spend quality time together. Your child will love helping you make art, and they will learn valuable skills.

29. Writing Skills – Grip issues are a problem many children face and can affect their writing ability. This summer vacation is an opportunity to help kids improve their hand strength, and they will be much better at writing with a pencil.

30. Learn A New Language – You can make learning a new language easy for your child. All you need is to have fun and make the experience fun. Children love to learn, and they will enjoy this first-time experience.


Final Thoughts

These simple activities can easily fill the summer vacation with fun and learning. With the right planning, you can enjoy a great summer this year!

We at NY Baby Steps understand that summer is a busy time for parents. In order to help parents make their kids’ summer fun and memorable, we have listed some fun activities that will help make their summer enjoyable. We hope this article was helpful for you. If you have specific questions about toddlers or preschoolers, NY Baby Steps is ready to help.