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How to Teach Your Preschoolers to Read: 16 Easy Tips

Reading is an essential skill that can help people succeed in life, and while most people learn to read before they reach school age, the unfortunate reality is some of us don’t. Thankfully for those struggling with this, there are many ways to teach preschoolers to read.


Importance of Reading to Preschoolers

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The first step in teaching preschoolers how to read is to understand the importance of reading. Reading can be the doorway to success in life, and to improve your child’s chances of success, you should encourage them to learn this skill at an early age. There are several reasons why reading can help your child succeed.


First, kids who learn how to read as preschoolers are more likely to have a higher grade school education level when they reach high school. It means that your child is more likely to remain in school and get a higher-ranked job when they are older.


Second, those who learn how to read as preschoolers are more likely to complete high school and go on to college, ensuring they will have access to better careers as they grow older.


Finally, by helping your child learn how to read early, you give them the best chances at succeeding. You can open the door to a new world of experiences and opportunities for your child, some they might never have had otherwise.


16 Tips to Teach Preschoolers How to Read

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Here are some tips about teaching preschoolers how to read:


    1. Start early 

    To make sure your child learns how to read before beginning kindergarten, you should start introducing them to the idea of reading as soon as you can. While it is essential to teach your child to be ready and read as they get older, you should try your best to help them learn how to read as soon as possible.

    1. Make learning fun 

    The more fun you do reading, the more likely your child will want to do it. If you can turn a routine task into something enjoyable, your child will probably be happy to do it when they are older.

    1. Use familiar books 

    One of the best ways to get your child interested in reading is to give them what they already know. If they love their favorite characters, give them books that feature those characters.

    1. Workbooks are a great choice 

    While it may be more work to create your worksheets, workbooks are an excellent choice for teaching preschoolers how to read because the book offers instant gratification and keeps the child entertained while he learns new words and spelling rules.

    1. Choose books with simple words 

    The more simple the words are in a book, the easier it will be for your child to read. When you choose books for your kid, look for ones that have short sentences and simple words.

    1. Choose books with pictures 

     While reading should be more about the written word than about images, pictures can help improve your child’s understanding of individual words and letters when learning how to read.

    1. Practice different sounds 

    While teaching preschoolers how to read, you should help them learn the different sounds individual letters make. The best technique to do this is by reading many books and using flashcards to help your child practice reading.

    1. Practice grammar skills as well 

    In addition to learning simple words, you should also help your child learn grammatical skills. It will help him better understand how words flow together and give him a better idea of what he is reading, improving his ability to read overall.

    1. Teach your child how to use the book 

    While you can help your child learn how to use a book, it is best to allow him some independence when trying to work with it. When he first starts, let him practice using a book by looking through it independently and choosing which page he wants to read.

    1. Set goals 

    While teaching preschoolers how to read, you should set goals and encourage them throughout the process. For example, tell your child that they are going to read ten books this week.

    1. Practice different sounds

     In addition to reading words, you should also have your child practice reading them in different ways. For instance, teachers often have their students practice individual letters and words by writing them on the board or using flashcards.

    1. Use songs to remember rules

     While many preschoolers are too young to remember and use restrictions, you can try to make it easier for them by using themes. Try singing a song when they are first trying the letters. You can also have them help you make up a song so that they will be able to use it in class.

    1. Provide lots of praise 

    Praising your child is one of the best ways to help them learn how to read. When you feel that they are doing well, let them know, and give them as many compliments as possible.

    1. Pronounce certain words 

    One way to help teach preschoolers how to read is by pronouncing certain words aloud instead of saying their names. For instance, when you teach them how to read the story “blue,” instead of saying the name of the color, say the phrase “bleh.”

    Use a book and flashcards You can also make it a lot easier for your child to learn how to read by using words with different pronunciations and combining them with a book and flashcards.

    1. Read to your child 

    Some of the best ways to teach preschoolers how to read are reading to them. Make it a fun activity for your child by doing it every night before they go to bed or in the morning when you are eating breakfast together.


So there you have it, 16 easy strategies to help teach preschoolers how to read. Before your child learns how to read, he should understand the sounds that each letter makes and be able to pronounce them correctly when you say them aloud. He should also know how each word is pronounced when you rhyme it with other names. These are things that can help your child become a better reader.


If you have any tips to add, please feel free to contact us.