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Encourage Your Kids to Get Active! 10 Fun and Simple Physical Activities for Preschoolers

physical activities for preschoolers

Keeping your kids active is the best way to prevent future health problems. They love to move and play, and as a parent, it’s fun to see them get lost in doing something new and different. Whether it’s running, jumping, or swimming, there are so many activities that your child can do. 

Indoor activities are always a safe bet when the weather isn’t so nice outside. While outdoor activities are always best to do during the warmer months, you can still find ways to be active and have fun inside. 

Preschoolers’ energy is great, and they love to get their exercise. Simple exercises are the ones that are best for them. They can do jumping jacks, spin around in circles, and even march in place. These physical activities for preschoolers are so easy and fun that they can do them easily. 

This article will show you fun and simple activities that are perfect for preschoolers. They’ll be able to do these at home, too.

The Benefits of Physical Play

Before we discuss some of the best preschool activities and games, it’s essential to know why it’s important to get your child moving consistently. 

Exercises for kids offer many benefits for their health and wellbeing. Engaging in active play helps children:

  1. Keep the minds sharp and active.
  2. Increase coordination, balance, and flexibility. 
  3. Improve the health of muscles and bones. 
  4. Make them stronger and more flexible. 
  5. Improve their metabolism and promote lean muscle development.
  6. Develop an independent and creative sense
  7. Develop child’s social skills
  8. Raise self-esteem and self-worth
  9. Lessen their screen time and increase their physical activity

The Disadvantage of Inactivity

disadvantage of inactivity

Lack of or insufficient activity can also harm a child’s health. It can increase the likelihood of obesity, poor sleep habits, poor eating habits, and unhappiness. A lack of exercise can also lead to poor academic performance and decreased physical fitness. 

Children who are inactive tend to gain weight faster, have a lower cognitive level, have more health problems, and have a poorer quality of life. They can also receive psychological harm such as low self-esteem, bullying, and loneliness. 

Physical exercise is a key part of childhood development. Physical activities for preschoolers encourage healthy growth and development, help maintain and improve muscle tone, and improve fitness, strength, and endurance.

Best Fun Activities for Preschoolers

 We’ll look at some fun indoor and outdoor activities for preschoolers. These are great fun exercises that your children will love doing.

1. Jumping Jacks

physical activities for preschoolers

Jumping jacks are one the best physical activities for preschoolers and one of the easiest activities to do. They’re great for building leg muscles, arms, and even the belly. This activity provides a lot of fun for children and keeps them active.

Teach the child to do a jumping jack. In one smooth motion, jump and land with feet spread apart, raise hands overhead, and clap. This will be repeated for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Encourage the child to play alone or with a friend. Some children may need help getting started, so try and be there to inspire them. Make it fun by using different expressions, making funny sounds, and clapping or stomping to keep their attention. Once they get the concept of doing jumping jacks, it will become easier, and they’ll do them steadily.

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes during jogging exercises with your child.

2. Spin Around In Circles

This is a great way to get young kids up and to move. If you have ample enough space, it’s even better! If not, just ensure you’re in an open area, so the children don’t run into anything or hurt themselves.

Start by telling the kids to spin around as fast as they can, then keep going until they fall over! This is a fine activity because it helps them work on their balance while also getting them active.

3. March In Place

physical activities for preschoolers

It is one of the simplest physical activities for preschoolers. You’ll need to follow these simple steps to play this game with your preschooler.

First, choose a song that you enjoy and has a steady rhythm—this is important!

Next, start marching in place to the beat of the music. You can do this while holding hands with your child or doing it side by side.

Finally, encourage your child to march along with you! This is a fun game for both of you, and it helps build their coordination skills and ability to pay attention to where they are in space at any given time.

4. Play Catch

Play catch with your preschooler. Throwing the ball back and forth is great exercise! Your child should learn to throw balls of different sizes, shapes, and weights. You can throw overhand, underhand (like a sidearm), or sideways depending on the situation. 

To promote your child’s motor skills, you can throw the ball high in the air, so he has to jump for it. Or, you could throw it low, so he has to squat down for it. Or, even throw it on the ground near your feet, so he has to bend over and pick it up!

5. Nature Walk

Nature walks are a great way to have fun, get fresh air, exercise, and learn about nature. Take a walk in your neighborhood or local park today, and look for signs like flowers, trees, animals, or leaves. You can also take a leaf from nature’s book and make a leaf rubbing or print of your own hand! 

Exploring your surroundings through walking is a great way to improve your health. Make sure you are both wearing good shoes, and don’t forget to change into better clothes or bring a change of clothes just in case you get sweaty or dirty. Your child can even carry a water bottle so that you both stay hydrated when out and about. It is one of the ideal physical activities for preschoolers to experience and learn.

6. Fun With Color

fun with color

It’s easy to get stuck inside on a rainy day. But don’t worry! There are tons of fun ways to keep your little one moving. Here are our favorite indoor activities for preschoolers.

  • Color Hunt: Hide various colored objects around the house and have your child find them. You can make it more challenging by placing them in different rooms or hiding them behind furniture or under blankets.
  • Paint Pictures: Paint any form of art your child wants, but paint away! No matter how messy it gets, it’s a great way to get your child to invest in their creation.
  • Coloring Books: Get a variety of colored pencils, markers, crayons, and watercolors for your child to use. Have them practice their fine motor skills on these fun activities, and blast doing it!

7. Play Simon Says

Simon Says is a classic game that’s great for preschoolers. It is one of the best preschool activities for preschoolers to learn because it gives them the chance to build their motor skills while having fun. 

To play, get a group of kids together and have them sit in a circle. One person will be Simon, and the rest will be the players. The game starts when Simon says “Simon says” and then follows up with something like “Simon says jump,” or “Simon says touch your nose.” If the players do what he says, they can stay in the game. But if they don’t do what he says, they’re out!

8. Make Obstacle Courses

Obstacle courses are an excellent way to get kids moving and having fun. Set up an obstacle course in the backyard or even around the house! Use chairs and furniture to create the obstacles, and use pillows and cushions to make it fun. If you don’t have enough chairs and tables, consider adding some homemade ones. For example, you can use bean bags as obstacles by throwing them on the floor!

You can also use cardboard boxes around your house as obstacles. You can even make tunnels out of them! Try making a tunnel under your dining room table for more fun!

9. Play Red Light, Green Light

Red light! Green light! Stop and go! The preschooler’s favorite game is back—and it’s even better.

In this version of the classic game, you pick a different color for each person to wear. Then, every time you say “red light,” everyone must freeze in place until you say “green light” again. This activity is great for building motor skills, coordination, and social skills as kids try to figure out how to move around without making noise or bumping into one another.

10. Building With Legos

physical activities for preschoolers

Building with Legos may be simple for some people, but for preschoolers, it’s fun. It is one of the most fun physical activities for preschoolers. It helps them learn about shapes and colors and how pieces can be together.

Legos are available in many shapes, including triangles and squares, making them great for teaching preschoolers geometry.

You can help your child build a structure by providing instructions and encouragement, but also let them come up with their own ideas and figure out how to make them happen.

Final Thoughts

So stop what you’re doing, and start moving. Preschoolers need a lot of exercises to help them grow and stay healthy. They are easy to entertain, so getting them up and active is easy!

When you combine exercise with fun games and activities, you’ll have a healthier child who is more prepared for school when the time comes. So get moving!

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