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Clever Ways to Store Legos at Home: Lego Storage Organization Ideas

Lego Storage Organization Ideas

Legos are some of the best toys for both children and adults. They never go out of style, are delightful to play with, and can be used to create a variety of different structures!


Even though Legos have been around for decades, many parents still struggle to keep their kids’ creations organized after they play. The good news is, there are plenty of clever ways to store legos at home.


The challenge with storing Legos is that they are so small and fit together like a puzzle, making finding the correct pieces very difficult. Therefore, it is essential to remember that storage solutions for Legos have to be space-efficient because of their small size.


While there are many Lego organization products on the market, you can also create your own using things you already have on hand and containers designed for other purposes.


In this article, you will learn about some creative and clever ways to store Legos at home.


Tips To Organize Your Lego Bricks


  1. Create a Lego Wall

The solution that worked to organize your Lego Collection is to create a Lego Wall. It is easy to create and costs less since it requires materials available in your home.

  1. Build Buckets

This idea solves the creating and sharing issues among siblings or peers playing lego bricks. In addition, the Build Bucket eliminates the children from having to put their current works into its primary storage, which is tiring to do every time. Instead, when they are provided with their buckets, no matter where the place is, they can quickly put all their works in the bucket after playing.

  1. Hanging Storage Bag

The good thing about this hanging Lego storage bag is that it doesn’t take much space to keep all the legos. So this is a great storage solution for your kids.

  1. LEGO Play Mat

After a long day of building, your child can relax on the play mat. Also, this is a valuable solution when you have multiple children because it keeps all the bricks together in one place.

  1. Plastic Hanging Storage Bins

It is the most convenient and space-efficient solution for your lego bricks. It is also cheap to make and easy to put together when compared to the other solutions. Additionally, Plastic Hanging Storage Bins can also be used to store other toys or school supplies.

Lego Storage Ideas

  1. IKEA Hack Lego Table and Storage

This table is a superb solution to keep the lego bricks organized. It has an adjustable shelf that serves as a surface for building figures and a couple of containers for storage. The best thing about IKEA Hack Lego Table and Storage is it is easier to create.

  1. Lego Sorting Labels

You can have your lego collections stored and organized in place with Lego sorting Labels. The plastic containers which serve as storage space for lego bricks come at an affordable price. Labeling each container by color, size, and shape is vital to get your lego bricks organized.

  1. Lego Storage Drawers

It is a great storage solution for your Legos. It gives you the flexibility to create a series of rows where you can store all your legos. If you have limited space in your home, this is a great idea. In addition, the Lego Storage drawer is an excellent solution in sorting all of the lego pieces by color and size.

  1. DIY Under Bed Rolling LEGO Storage Cart

This idea best fits when your room or your child’s room is relatively small. It allows you to utilize the space under the bed. It is a great solution; however, you may need to spend an amount to make one. But the convenience it will bring will be well worth it. Making Your own Under Bed Rolling LEGO Storage Cart is much easier than you think if you follow the steps and have the materials to make it.

  1. Ultimate Lego Organizer Desk

The Ultimate Lego Organizer Desk is designed to make the lego bricks organized in a classroom or the home. It has a large surface area that will serve as a Lego workstation for your kids. The drawers are designed to store the bricks by color. It makes it easy to find the right color as needed when building new projects. Additionally, the Lego organizer is an ideal storage solution that will not take much space in your home.

Lego Storage Ideas


Lego Solutions That Don’t Require Any DIY


  1. Compartment Brick Storage Box Drawer System with dividers

If you have an extensive collection of legos at home, you may need large drawers with divided compartments to store it all. The Compartment Brick Storage Box Drawer System with dividers allows you to keep a vast collection organized, and it takes up less wall space. In addition, the cabinets are suited for parents like you who want to organize pieces by colors.


  1. Removable Compartment Organizer

Removable Compartment Organizer is a great Lego storage solution that comes with removable trays. It has a heavy-duty handle for easy transportation and has thick, high-quality durability, which makes it last for many years. It also has multiple snap-on compartments, which makes it helpful in organizing small parts at home. It is ideal for storing your medium collections of lego bricks. Since it comes with removable trays, your child can bring it anywhere they want to play and build pieces. They can put in all their works once they’re done, or they have something to do.

Lego Storage Solutions

  1. Lego Storage Head

The Lego Storage Head has a design that fits up to 4,000 lego bricks. It is specifically designed for kids who have many Legos, and their parents want to save space. So this is another excellent Lego storage solution that allows your child to organize their collection and bring it anywhere they go. For example, your child can add it to the headboard of the bed or inside a dresser so your child can easily find their pieces when they’re in search of building blocks. 


  1. Ziploc Bags and Plastic Containers

One of the simplest and most inexpensive ways to store Legos is using Ziploc bags or small plastic containers. It is an excellent option if you only have a small number of Legos or want to keep your kid’s creations contained within a particular area.


Organizing Legos by color and size in separate bags or containers makes it very easy to find exactly what you are looking for. You can also create sub-groups based on the type of Lego piece or theme, such as animals, vehicles, buildings, or people.


Now that you know some of the best ways to organize Legos, you can find a more optimal solution for your child. At the end of the day, if your child still enjoys playing with them and making new creations, then they will enjoy having their collection to play with. So as you can see, this article has taught you a few effective methods for organizing your lego collection and making it easier for your child to do their favorite activity.