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Counting Fun for Little One: Our Favorite Counting Books for Preschoolers

counting books for preschoolers

Introducing young minds to the world of numbers is a pivotal step in their early education journey. In the preschool years, building a strong foundation in numeracy skills lays the groundwork for future academic success. That’s where the magic of counting books comes in. These captivating companions not only make learning numbers enjoyable but also instill a lifelong love for exploration and discovery. Through engaging visuals, interactive storytelling, and the sheer joy of counting, these books create a world where numbers come alive. In this article, we’re thrilled to share a thoughtfully curated selection of our favorite counting books for preschoolers. Join us in unlocking the door to a realm where learning and fun go hand in hand.

The Power of Counting Books

Counting books possess a remarkable ability to ignite a child’s fascination with numbers. Through vibrant illustrations and interactive narratives, they create a captivating learning experience that resonates with young minds. These books serve as enchanting gateways, transforming numerical concepts into exciting adventures. By engaging multiple senses, they make counting a joyful endeavor, enhancing cognitive development and language skills simultaneously.

Beyond the pleasure they bring, counting books provide essential educational benefits:

  • Foundation for Math Skills: Counting books introduce foundational math skills for kids, laying the groundwork for understanding numbers and basic arithmetic.
  • Vocabulary Expansion: As children count and explore numerical concepts, children expand their vocabulary, learning new words and terms related to numbers.
  • Visual and Spatial Understanding: The visual representation of numbers and quantities in counting books aids in developing visual and spatial understanding, a fundamental skill for later math learning.
  • Early Learning Engagement: These books engage young learners in active participation, promoting critical thinking and problem-solving abilities from an early age.

What to Look for in a Counting Book?

what to look for in a counting book.

When it comes to choosing the ideal counting book for your preschooler, several key factors can transform learning into a captivating adventure. Here’s what to consider:

  • Vibrant Visuals: Seek books with engaging illustrations that vividly depict numbers, keeping young eyes enthralled while reinforcing counting concepts.
  • Clear Text: Look for age-appropriate text that simplifies numerical understanding, allowing your child to grasp the fundamentals effortlessly.
  • Compelling Narrative: A captivating storyline with relatable themes sustains curiosity and eagerness to explore, making numeracy an exciting journey.
  • Interactive Elements: Books with flaps, textures, or questions encourage tactile exploration, transforming counting into a hands-on experience.
  • Personal Connection: Find books aligned with your child’s interests, bridging counting with their world and enhancing engagement.

Remember, a well-crafted counting book not only imparts numerical skills but also sparks imagination and a lasting passion for learning. As you embark on this joyful quest, remember these elements to discover the perfect counting companion for your preschooler.

Our Top Picks – Counting Books for Preschoolers

Searching for counting books for your little learners is fun, but having a curated selection can be a lifesaver when time is scarce. Our top picks blend captivating storytelling, interactive engagement, and educational value to make your choice effortless. Delight in exploring these cherished counting books that promise entertainment and enriching learning experiences.

1. “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle

the very hungry caterpillar

Dive into a world of vibrant illustrations and delightful learning with ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle. Your child will be mesmerized by the captivating journey of the caterpillar as it devours its way through a symphony of delectable treats. With every bite, your little one will explore numbers, days of the week, and food names, all wrapped in an enchanting tale. It’s more than a book – a feast for imagination and education!”

2. “Counting Kindness” by Hollis Kurman

counting kindness by hollis kurman

This beautifully illustrated book goes beyond numbers, teaching empathy and compassion in a relatable way. Endorsed by Amnesty International, it’s a valuable addition to your diverse book collection. With “Counting Kindness,” you can nurture your child’s kindness while building essential counting skills. 

3. “Ten Black Dots” by Donald Crews

ten black dots by donald crews

Ten Black Dots takes children on an imaginative journey using ten black dots. But it’s not just about creativity – they’ll also learn to count, recognize numbers, and develop essential visual learning skills. This engaging and educational read is perfect for preschoolers who love to explore, create, and learn. 

4. “Count The Monkeys” by Mac Barnett

count the monkeys by mac barnett

Embark on a counting adventure full of laughter and surprises with “Count The Monkeys” by Mac Barnett! This engaging and interactive book will have kids giggling as they count the animals that keep interrupting the monkeys. With exciting reader interactions and clever storytelling, it keeps young readers guessing until the very last page. Paired with Kevin Cornell’s bright illustrations, this fun book will captivate kids and parents alike. Prepare for endless entertainment as young readers will be asked to count the monkeys over and over again.

5. “Five Little Ducks” by Natalie Marshall

five little ducks by Natalie Marshall

Experience a delightful counting adventure with “Five Little Ducks” by Natalie Marshall! Designed with tabs for easy page-turning, this adorable board book is perfect for little ones. Journey with your toddler as they learn to count from one to five on their fingers and toes. Featuring captivating illustrations and engaging sing-song rhymes, this beautiful book will keep your child entertained while fostering a love for learning. 

6. “Bear and Hare: Where’s Bear” by Gravett Emily

bear and hare where's bear by Gravett Emily

Join Bear and Hare in their exciting game of hide-and-seek. Hare is a master at counting to ten with closed eyes, but Bear is not so great at hiding. When Bear mysteriously disappears, the adventure truly begins. Written and illustrated by the talented Emily Gravett, this heartwarming and humorous story will captivate kids and parents alike. Get ready for a delightful journey with Bear and Hare, everyone’s favorite friends!

7. “Feast for 10” by Cathryn Falwell

feast for 10 by Cathryn Falwell

Treat your little one to a delightful counting experience with “Feast for 10” by Cathryn Falwell. This charming book follows a bustling family as they shop for groceries, prepare dinner, and share a delicious meal. Perfect for toddlers, the vivid illustrations and rhythmic text make counting from one to ten an engaging and interactive adventure. With a sturdy board book edition, small hands can easily turn the pages and join in the fun. 

8. “10 Little Ninjas” by Miranda Paul

counting books for preschoolers

These adorable little ninjas just won’t sleep! Watch as they slide, swing, and slip out of bed, leaving Daddy and the sensei with the ultimate challenge of tucking them in. Filled with mischievous fun, this delightful book will have young readers laughing and wanting more. Don’t miss out on this playful and entertaining bedtime adventure!

9. “One Is a Piñata” by Roseanne Greenfield Thong 

one is a piñata by Roseanne Greenfield Thong 

This captivating book combines rhyming text and lively illustrations to engage and entertain young readers. Celebrate the richness of Latino culture as you embark on a counting adventure. As an added bonus, the book introduces counting in Spanish, making it a wonderful educational tool. Get ready for an interactive and vibrant reading experience that will leave a lasting impression on children and parents alike.

10. “On the Launch Pad” by Michael Dahl

counting books for preschoolers

This engaging book will captivate Your little ones as they explore counting, space, and rocket ships. With colorful illustrations bursting with excitement, children will delight in searching for numbers while eagerly awaiting liftoff. Fuel their imagination and curiosity while they embark on a thrilling educational journey. Get ready for a fun-filled adventure that will spark your little learners’ love for numbers and space exploration!

11. “Mouse Count” by Ellen Stoll Walsh

mouse count by Ellen Stoll Walsh

Watch as a group of adorable mice outsmarts a hungry snake while learning to count from one to ten in both directions. With its simple yet beautiful illustrations and engaging sing-song rhymes, Mouse Count is perfect for capturing your little one’s attention. Prepare for a delightful reading experience that combines interactive learning and storytelling.

12. “Twenty Big Trucks in the Middle of the Street” by Mark Lee

counting books for preschoolers

Imagine the thrill of watching a broken-down ice cream truck lead to a chain reaction of truck jams, including a mail truck and a hay-carrying truck. With each page turn, kids will be captivated by the variety of trucks, providing endless opportunities for counting and observing. This mom-approved book is perfect for little ones who love big vehicles and the thrill of a truck-filled adventure.

Final Thoughts

Selecting captivating counting books for preschoolers isn’t just a choice – it’s a pathway to nurturing their inquisitive minds. These literary companions hold the key to unlocking a world where numbers dance and curiosity thrives. Beyond the enchantment, these books are educational allies, cultivating the seeds of early numeracy. Each page turned, each numeral counted, paves the way for essential mathematical skills that will shape their academic journey.

In Baby Steps, we understand the importance of fostering learning from the very beginning. As little ones trace their fingers across pages, as giggles intertwine with numerals, we witness the magic of discovery. With our handpicked selection of fun counting books, we celebrate the joy of exploration and the growth that sprouts from each counting adventure. These books aren’t just stories; they’re the building blocks of a lifelong affinity for knowledge, waiting to be embraced by eager minds and cherished by loving hearts.