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Math For Kids: 5 Fun Ways You Can Instill The Love of Math In Kids

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Math is one of those subjects that kids either love or hate; there’s no in-between. But you can help your kids make it a subject they love by making math fun! We are surrounded by math, and there are many fun ways to introduce it.

So if, like most adults, you’ve had some difficulty understanding what your children are learning in math class, don’t worry. It’s not your fault, and it certainly doesn’t mean that your children aren’t learning. It only means that you’ll need to work a little harder at understanding what they’re working on.

Understanding Math Better

As parents, before you can help your children to understand math better, you’ll need to learn a few things yourself. You will help them better if you know more about the subject. You can also try viewing some algebra lessons online or enrolling in an adult education class at your local community center.

Math is a vast subject, and there’s no way that anyone’s book can cover all of it. You can increase your knowledge by doing a few things. 

1. Understanding the basics of a subject will help you recognize when your child is learning new things and make it easier for you to teach them.

2. Understanding the terms used in math will also help you understand what your child is learning. Knowing the definitions of terms like ‘divisor’ or ‘variable’ will help you understand the math test questions.

3. Understanding how math is used throughout the world will help you understand how your child learns in school.

The Benefits of Learning Math With Your Child

Some kids like math, while others hate it. But you don’t need to force your personal feelings on your child – let them teach you! Encourage them to learn the things they love and help them to master the ones that are difficult for them.

It’s more important that they learn how to enjoy math concepts than it is for them to understand a certain amount of math to pass an exam or get a good grade on their report card. It’s a misconception that math is only for the future when you’re in school. Math skills can also be beneficial now, especially in everyday life!

Here are five fun ways you can help your child to love math!:

1) Play Math Games

play math games

Math games can be lots of fun, and it’s easy to teach them the basics. You can play games with your children that will help reinforce the concepts they’re learning in school and teach them new things! You can also try playing online math games. Math should have a lot of fun value in kids’ lives; don’t take it too seriously and make sure they have time for all kinds of activities.

The following are some Math Games to play with your child:

Board Games

Playing board games with your children will help them understand basic mathematical concepts. Many different board games teach math – card games, dice games, and more! The best part about playing board games is that they can be fun and engaging while also teaching kids useful math skills.

Card Games

Playing card games with your kids will help them understand basic mathematical concepts and have fun! Different versions of this game have different rules, but they all do the same thing – help kids learn math!

Rubix Cube

Rubix Cube is a popular and fun puzzle that can be a fun way to teach your children about math. This is a fun and challenging brain teaser. Your child will be able to learn how to solve math problems. The good thing about learning this game is that it helps unlock your child’s brain and encourages them to think.


Sudoku is a math-based game that has been a hit in Japan for years. It’s fun, but it’s also educational! You will not only help your child learn basic math, but they’ll also increase their memory and reasoning skills at the same time! It will also help them figure out using logic and reason to solve problems.

Number Guess

This is a fun game to play with your child. It will help them learn math and develop their reasoning and logic skills. In this game, you can give clues in order to help your child guess the correct number. There are so many different versions of this game that you can try – some are easier than others. You can also change the rules depending on how much you want to challenge your children!

There are many different ways to use math games to teach kids math. But that doesn’t mean you should play them often with your children. Instead, let the games be a fun way for your child to learn basic math, and then encourage them to try and master more complex versions of the game!

2) Make Math Fun with Crafts

fun with crafts

Your child can also help you create crafts that increase your child’s math skills. You can try different craft ideas in order to help them learn a lot about math. This will help them remember what they’ve learned in school. Also, they can make shapes and designs using their math skills. They will also appreciate the fact that you’ve helped them learn something new.

The following are some math crafts to make with your child:

Shape recognition

You can start with a shape recognition activity with your child. Help them create different shapes from different materials, like paper, cardboard, and anything you can find around the house. But make sure the shapes are easily recognizable. If you have a box cutter or other tool available, try cutting out the shapes from different materials. Then see if your child can identify the shape based on the different parts of the shape being visible.

Number recognition

You can also teach number recognition by creating crafts in which different numbers are used to create a recognizable object that suggests that number. You can make simple crafts – just a craft stick and two glue dots to make a 2, or provide craft sticks and let your child create their number!

Making patterns

Pattern making is an excellent way for children to practice seeing patterns and recognizing them. You can use different materials to help your child create patterns such as dots and string. You can also make patterns using construction paper and card stock. Pattern making is a great way for your child to understand geometry and learn how to count or use numbers differently.

Telling time

You can create a clock using an hourglass or sand and a picture of a clock. Have your child tell the time based on what they see in the hourglass and then check their answers when the sand runs through. This is a good way for kids to learn how to tell time, even if they cannot read yet!


You can make play money at home to help your child learn about money! This is a fun activity for the entire family. You can use paper, card stock, or other types of paper to help your child create their own real-life money. It’s a great way to spend quality time with your child and teach them how to do simple math skills.

There are so many different ways you can make math fun with crafts. Plus, if you don’t have the right materials, you can always make them yourself! This is a great way for your child to learn new things while making crafts with family.

3) Take Your Child to a Math and Science Museum

visiting museum

Kids love being in a place where they can meet others like them and have similar interests. They also love exploring new things and being in a place where everything is new and exciting! You can take your children to a math museum, science museum, or any other kind of place that has various new things for them to explore. In such places, you can help your child learn about different concepts in science or math.

There are many different places to take your child to have fun while learning more about math and science. Set a schedule so you can see each other often and have a lot of fun!

4) Introduce Books to Your Child

Books can be a great way for your child to learn about math. Children usually love reading, and it’s a great way to engage them in activities that will help them learn new things. You can use these books to inspire your children and introduce them to new ideas. 

Remember that a kid’s attention span is short, so you need to make math reading more fun for them. You can make math stories exciting by changing the dialogue, adding illustrations, or adding jokes to make the reading experience even more fun.

You can also talk about the illustrations during reading time and ask your child if they noticed anything interesting. It is also a good idea for you to take the time to help your child understand what they read. 

5) Talk to Your Child about Math

talking to a child

Another great way to make math fun with your children is to talk about it. You can use different things you see around the house, or even the things you do daily, to teach your children how these things work.

You can also talk about different math activities that you’ve learned about in school and try and explain them so that kids will understand. This is a great way for your children to learn more facts about math than what they’ve learned in school. 

Try telling your child your childhood experiences with math, like how you used to enjoy figuring out the answers to specific math problems. This will be a great way for your children to learn more about math and create a strong bond with you at the same time.

Final Thoughts

There are so many simple ways that you can change math into fun. Try focusing on how your child views math and making it fun for them. You can also find new material to use with your kids and make math more fun every day.

We at NY Babysteps love kids, and we can tell you that they deserve to have fun learning math as well. We hope you enjoyed this article, and we hope that this article helped you learn more about math with your children.

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