Sunflowers – Age 3-4

Sunflowers Daily Schedule: AGE 3-4 Years Old
7:30-8:30Drop Off
9:00- 09:30Free Play (inside or outside)
9:15-9:45- Monday OnlyMusic Class
9:30-10:00Center/Block Time- blocks, dress up, building
9:55-10:20- Wednesday OnlyAmerican Sign Language Class
10:10-10:30Academic Time (Letter & Phonics)
10:30-11:00Activity –Table Top Work
11:00-11:10Put cots out
11:00-11:30Free Play/Outside Time
11:30-11:40Washing Hands/Bathroom
11:40-12:20Academic Time (Math) and (Concept Awareness)
11:50-12:15prepare for lunch
12:15-12:20wipe hands for lunch
12:20-12:30Washing Hands/Bathroom
12:30- 1:00Lunch Time
1:00- 3:00Nap Time
2:45Set up for snack time
3:00-3:30Wake Up/ Washing Hands/Bathroom
3:30-4:00Snack Time
4:00- 4:45Movement Time
4:00-4:30clean up kitchen after snack
ZumbaMonday, Wednesday and Friday
4:45-5:30Free Play (indoor or outdoor)
5:30-6:00Dismissal/ Pick Up