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Watermelon Art for Kids Made Easy

watermelon art for kids


Watermelon art for kids is the perfect illustration for the summer! It will keep your kids and their friends engaged during the hottest, most exciting season of the year. They will be entertained while you can get some peace. And the best part is that it doesn’t take up any of your valuable time!

Sometimes kids lack the coordination to draw with a pencil or to cut into shapes. That’s why we’ve put together this post all about watermelon art for kids — because while this might not be as complex as other art projects, it still makes for an enjoyable and creative way to spend an afternoon.


Great Reasons to Try Watermelon Art for Kids

Watermelon art for kids will satisfy your child’s desire to create and their curiosity to understand how artworks.

It is a good activity to keep kids busy during the summer break.

Watermelon art for kids is a fun project to complete with friends or family members, especially if you want children to feel a sense of accomplishment, reward, and bonding.

Both adults and children can make watermelon art for kids – it doesn’t matter if you only have one child or many. All you need is a watermelon, some tools you already have at home, and a bit of creativity!


How to Introduce Your Kids to Watermelon Art

Watermelon art for kids is not difficult to do. All you need is the watermelon, a pen or pencil, and a little bit of creativity!

You can start by drawing simple shapes on the watermelon. Or you can let your children create their designs using only the watermelon as a canvas.

Feel free to run your imagination wildly with this project as long as it doesn’t cause any harm to your children.

The watermelon can be hollowed, and the seeds and rinds can be used in various ways. For example, you can use them as tools or decorative pieces in your child’s artwork, such as a mosaic.

Remember that watermelons are not just for eating! Don’t forget to let your children experiment with their favorite fruits and vegetables because they are the ones who will benefit from this creative summer activity.


10 Fun and Creative Watermelon Art You Can Do with Your Child


Watermelon is a super-sweet, refreshing fruit that is primarily known for its excellent and juicy goodness. However, it can also be used as an art material in several different ways! Here are ten creative watermelon art activities you can do with your kids at home.

#1: Make a Bag of Watermelon Slice Art

Watermelon slice art is an easy way to create a vibrant collage in your own home. You can start with any watermelon, and then you need to lay it out flat to let the slices make the image you want. Let them lie out on a tabletop for a while until they begin to dry so that they won’t slip around. Then cut around the edges of the watermelon slices to create a “bag” of sorts.

If you prefer a dry erase technique, you will need to use a few other art materials. However, this method is much easier if you have an art table that you can work on. The first thing that you must be doing is get some crayons and markers of various colors. Then, layout your watermelon slices and draw or write on them. Once they are dry, wipe them off or erase them and start over with new watermelon slices.

#2: Cover the Watermelon Stems with Thread Art

Using a few different tools, you can cover the watermelon stems with thread art. It is an especially great way to use up some leftover threads from your sewing projects! First, let the stems sit out on your workspace until they begin to dry. Next, get a few different types of threads and cover the branches with them. Once they’re dry, trim the line, and you’ll have some fantastic watermelon stem art!

#3: Cut Out a Picture from a Watermelon for Artwork

It’s always fun to create an artwork that has a bit of mystery to it. One of the most surprising ways to do this is to cut out some pictures from a watermelon. Cut around your picture pieces and then set them out on your workspace until they begin to dry. When they are ready, cut them out and admire your completed artwork!

#4: Color the Watermelon with Colored Pencils

Watermelon pencil art is another fun way to create some colorful works of art. Just color the watermelon with colored pencils or crayons until you get the look you want. Then set it out in your workspace until it dries. Once it’s finished, gently wipe off any excess color or use a tissue to wipe off any oil from the crayon. You can also replace the colors with new colors once you’ve completed the artwork.

#5: Make Watermelon Art with Glue and Paper

The final watermelon art idea on our list is a bit more complicated than others, but it’s still pretty easy to do! You’ll need some glue and paper, along with some small tools, to create this fun watermelon art. First, color your report with any colored pencils or crayons and allow it to dry. Then, get some glue and use a small paintbrush to apply some of it onto the glue. Now, set it out in your workspace until it’s scorched.

#6: Make Watermelon Art with Collage

If you want to make watermelon art that is a bit more complex, try making some collage art with it instead! It works a bit differently from the rest of the ideas on our list, mainly because you’ll need to find pieces of paper of different sizes and shapes. It’s up to you precisely what you want to do with your college, but it’s a fun way to get creative with watermelon!

7. Make a Watermelon Bowl

If you’re looking for more summer fun, then check out these watermelon bowl ideas. It involves turning your watermelon into a bowl that is perfect for ice cream or other treats. You’ll need some bowls, along with a knife and some watermelon, to get started. First, cut your watermelon so that it’s almost through the middle. Next, scoop out the pieces of fruit and set them aside for later use.

Now, you can cover your watermelon bowl with a layer of fabric or paper if you wish. If you want to make it look like a natural bowl, you can also use some glue to secure the pieces together. You’ll also need some string or yarn to hang it up and make it look like an actual bowl!

8. Make a Watermelon Chair

If you like to have full advantage of your watermelon, then check out this fantastic idea. You can turn your watermelon into a chair, which is perfect for summertime! It is also an easy idea that doesn’t take long to complete. You only need a pair of scissors plus some string or rope. Start by cutting two long holes into the rind of your watermelon, about an inch apart. Then, cut four short holes in between them on each side of the chair.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to tie each of the ends of your rope through a hole on either side. Ensure they are all tied around the same place on the watermelon, so it doesn’t fall apart when you’re walking around. Then, cut out a piece of fabric and secure it with glue to the back of your chair!

9. Cut a Watermelon Flower

Of course, another great way to use your watermelon is to create a fantastic flower! It is a straightforward project that’s perfect for beginners. You don’t even need any special tools or anything besides your scissors. All you’ll need to do is cut the bottom off of your watermelon so that it looks like the top of a watermelon. Then, clip a smaller piece off near the top of the plant to grow and bloom.

To create the flower, take two long string pieces, place them through the center of your watermelon, and tie them together. Do this to both sides so that you have an excellent, full flower shape. You can also use some berries or other small fruits to create the petals around the edges if you want.

10. Make a Watermelon Cap

Another great way to use your watermelon is to make a cap! It can be done with two types of watermelons, one of which should be ripe. The only difference is that one has a thicker rind in its center, whereas the other has thinner skin. Whichever type you choose, it’s best if it’s filled with sweet strawberries or blueberries.

There are a lot of great things that you can do with watermelon, and your imagination only limits you. To make watermelon eating even more enjoyable, save a couple of slices of the rind to use as a paperweight on your desk.

If you have questions or suggestions about doing watermelon art with your kids, please leave us a message.