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Super Easy Art Hacks That Your Kids Will Enjoy This Summer

summer art for kids


If you’re looking for an easy way to make your kids happy, then look no further than these Super Easy Art Hacks! Kids love creating their art with a little bit of parental direction and supervision.


Why Should You Introduce Art To Your Kids?


  • Kids who play with art are more creative.


  • Children who engage with art materials are known to be more creative and better at problem-solving.


  • Kids who have fun learning new skills at an early age will find it easier to learn other things later in life.


  • If you want your child to concentrate on something for long periods, they need to find something they are passionate about (like art) and dedicate themselves to it.


  • The greatest gift of all is to see a child’s face light up with joy, and they can do that by learning how to draw or paint. 


A lot of parents complain about their children spending too much time playing video games or watching television. In addition, learning proper art hacks in the summer is a great way to keep your kids away from the computer and tv, and it will also teach them that they can have fun by doing something as simple as drawing or painting.


Fun Art Hacks for Your Kids


  1. Turn An Ordinary Balloon Into A Ball Of Fun!

Here’s how to turn an ordinary balloon into a ball of fun:

Just twist an empty plastic water bottle. Pull out the stopper, blow up the balloon inside, and then revolve around the plastic bottle.


  1. Turn A Cardboard Box Into An Adventure!

You can turn a plain cardboard box into an adventure for your kids by adding some interest with paints or crayons. A simple project that is sure to spark the imagination.


  1. Make Some Finger Paint!

All you need is a little bit of corn flour, food coloring, water, and a bowl. Mix these ingredients, and you have some finger paint to keep your kids busy! Be safe when using food coloring, as it can stain your furniture or clothes.


  1. Make Miniature Paint Pots!

Please put your child’s imagination to work by making miniature paint pots and easels for them. In fact, you can even make one out of an old toothbrush. Your child will have a great time playing with these tiny paint pots all summer long!


  1. Make Your Paper Plates!

Turn an old cereal box into a paper plate using only paper, tape, and scissors. It is a fun project that would be perfect for kids learning how to cut and decorate.


  1. Make Your Painting Brushes!

Building your painting brush will help your child learn how to properly hold the paintbrush and improve agility by teaching them how to keep the tool correctly. Moreover, you can use any old toothbrush but make sure it has bristles hanging free, so they don’t fall out in the painting! It’s a great way to teach them how to paintbrushes.


  1. Create A Collage!

All you need is some glue and old magazines. Cut out the pictures you want, lay them on a flat surface, and apply some glue. The little ones can even be involved by using old stickers!


  1. Make Your Muslin Boards!

A muslin board is a large sheet of cotton fabric. Using this hack, you can turn a pillowcase into your muslin board by attaching string from each corner to tighten it up.


  1. Make Your Easel!

You can make your easel out of a cardboard box to display your child’s artwork on. It’s an excellent way to get the kids involved and keeps them busy for hours.


  1. Crayons Won’t Smudge!

If your kids are still using their old crayons, this is a fun, quickly done art hacks that will keep their artwork colors. Just rub the crayons with cooking oil once a week, and you will have puffy, brilliant colors!


  1. Electronic Art Hacks

Since smartphones and tablets have touch screens that are great for drawing, it’s a great art hack to create your work of art that is touch screen friendly. All you need is an old computer monitor and a pair of 3D glasses.


12 . Make Your Own Ice Cream Cone Art!

If you’ve ever been to a baseball game, then you know the seats are often marked “K” or “A.” Those markings are ice cream cones that kids can use for their art projects. Use your imagination and combine your child’s love of baseball and art with doing some cool art projects.


What If My Kids Are Not Into Art?

If your kids aren’t into art just yet, don’t worry! You can start exposing them to it as early as they can remember. If you have older kids who love to draw and paint, you can use their artwork as inspiration for future projects.


If you aim for your child to be an artist when they grow up, start exposing them to art early on. The best move to get them interested is by making artwork together. They will learn that creative work can be fun.


Find some everyday objects around your house and start doing art projects with them. You can even try to draw pictures of your own home. Your kids will love it when you draw pictures of themselves!


Even if your child has no interest in art whatsoever, you can encourage their artistic side by facilitating them to be more creative in their everyday lives.


You can also set up a room for your children to display all of their artwork that they have created over the years. It will be a great exercise in organization and help them learn how to organize complex data effectively.


How Do I Introduce Art to My Kids?

  1. Introduce An Artistic Parenting Style

Art can be a g way to help your child express themselves creatively. If you love your kids to be confident in being artistic, start introducing art hacks to them from an early age.


  1. Let Them Create Their Characters!

It’s an excellent idea to let your child create their characters and choose who they want to be. They will likely start with baby animals and grow into enormous dinosaurs and even aliens.


  1. Create A Fun Art Environment

The best way to create an art environment is by having an “art corner” in your house. Designate a room or section of the living room for your child to be creative in. You can put all of their artwork in a binder and show it off to friends and family when they come over.


  1. Take Them to Art Classes

Art classes for kids are great because they encourage kids to be creative. These classes will help your child learn how to draw and get started with their artistic abilities.


  1. Go on a Nature Hike

Children these days spend most of their time in front of a computer or TV screen. To get them outside, take them on a nature hike with lots of flora and fauna that they can draw from.


  1. Have Art Parties

Hang some artwork of your child’s favorite cartoon characters on a wall in their room. Invite family and friends to come over and talk about the art while you have fun at the same time.


  1. Get Creative with Your Kid’s Room Theme

You can make your child’s room into an art gallery by using different paint colors to create visual art that they are going to like. You can transform the walls or pick out furniture that suits their artistic style.


  1. Have Them Help with the Chores

While you will clean the house, make it fun by having your kid help along the way. I don’t have them. Just put things away. Get them to help you clean so that they can learn how to be artistic while they clean.


  1. Put Up a Bulletin Board in Their Room

Kids love to express themselves, so do their thoughts go on paper. Let them make a bulletin board of their own and put up things that they think are important.


  1. Invite Them to an Art Show or a Concert

Art will never be boring when you get to see real-life art unfold before your very eyes. Take them to art shows, concerts, and other places where they can see, experience, and understand what art is about.


In conclusion, this young generation is very adventurous, and they are constantly on the lookout for something new. Above all, art is a great way to introduce them to other art types, most especially the more exciting forms like music and theater arts. Likewise, arts are beneficial for kids because it develops their creativity, improves their thinking and problem-solving skills, and even expands their knowledge of the world around them.


Should you have other suggestions on how we can better help our kids embrace the beauty of art, please let us know here