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Fun & Easy St Patrick’s Day Crafts For Kids & The Whole Family

st patrick's day crafts for kids
St. Patrick’s Day is one of the most widely celebrated holidays across the world, and what better way to celebrate than with a fun and easy crafts for the whole family? Whether you’re looking for a way to entertain your kids or hoping to add a festive touch to your home, plenty of creative ideas get you in the spirit. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the most engaging St. Patrick’s Day crafts that are perfect for children and adults alike. From DIY leprechaun hats to shamrock wreaths, you’ll find a range of ideas that will bring a touch of Irish cheer to your household. Not only are these crafts easy to make, but they also provide a wonderful opportunity to spend time with loved ones and create lasting memories. So, if you’re ready to get into the festive spirit and create some St. Patrick’s Day magic, read on for some fun and easy craft ideas that will bring everyone a smile.

Benefits Your Child Can Gain From These Fun & Easy St Patrick’s Day Crafts

Crafting is a fun activity that can have numerous benefits for children of all ages, and St. Patrick’s Day crafts are a great way to get kids excited about creating something new. Here are a few of the benefits that your child can gain from participating in fun and easy St. Patrick’s Day crafts:

  • Improving fine motor skills: Crafting requires using hands and fingers in precise ways, which can help children develop their fine motor skills. Activities like cutting, folding, and gluing can help kids practice hand-eye coordination and dexterity, which are important skills for writing, drawing, and other activities.
  • Developing problem-solving skills: St. Patrick’s Day crafts often involve steps that need to be followed to create the final product. As kids work through each step, they develop problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. They will need to figure out how to cut the paper or felt, fold it, and attach it to other pieces to create a cohesive project.
  • Encouraging creativity and self-expression: Crafting provides an opportunity for children to express themselves creatively and experiment with new ideas. When given the freedom to choose their colors, designs, and materials, children can let their imaginations run wild and create truly unique creations.

In addition to these benefits, crafting can provide a sense of accomplishment and pride in a job well done, boosting self-esteem and confidence in children. So, encourage your child to get creative with these fun and easy St. Patrick’s Day crafts, and watch them grow and learn as they create something new!

St Patrick’s Day Crafts For Kids

So now that you’re ready to get started, let’s take a look at some of the fun and easy St Patrick’s Day crafts for kids you can make this year!

Shamrock Crafts

shamrock crafts

Shamrocks are one of the most iconic symbols of St. Patrick’s Day, and they are a fun and easy shape to work with when creating crafts. Here are fun and easy shamrock crafts that you and your child can create together:

1. Paper Plate Shamrocks

Paper plate shamrocks are a simple and fun craft that kids will love making. They are easy to make and need minimal supplies, so you can have these ready in no time! 

In order to do a simple craft project, you can gather three small paper plates, one large craft stick, Green Project Paint, gold glitter, and glue. You can easily find Green Paint online or at a local craft store. Allow your child to add their own touches to the craft; add sprinkles and confetti if they’d like. You may visit I Heart Crafty Things for a more detailed step-by-step tutorial and other variations of this project.

2. Toilet Paper Roll Binoculars

This is another great idea for creating a fun craft with your child. Encourage your students to create a fun craft by combining two empty toilet paper rolls. After joining them, let them decorate the rolls with colorful paper strips. To add a touch of St. Patrick’s Day, they can also add some shamrocks and ribbons. It’s a simple and enjoyable activity that can bring out their creativity. Crafty Morning will provide you with a step-by-step tutorial on how to make this wonderful St Patrick’s day crafts for kids.

3. Felt Shamrock Garland

For this craft, you will need some green felt, a shamrock stencil or template, scissors, and some twine or string. Simply trace the shamrock template onto the felt and cut out as many shamrocks as you’d like. Then, use a hole punch to create holes at the top of each shamrock and string them together with the twine or string. Hang the garland around your home to add some festive St. Patrick’s Day décor.

4. Handprint Shamrock Card

This craft is a great way to create a personalized card for someone special on St. Patrick’s Day. Simply trace your child’s hand onto green construction paper and cut it out. Arrange the handprints to form a shamrock shape and glue them onto a folded piece of cardstock. Your child can then decorate the card with stickers, markers, or other decorations to make it even more special.

Leprechaun Crafts

leprechaun crafts

Leprechauns are a staple of St. Patrick’s Day and a fun and whimsical character to incorporate into your crafts. Here are three fun and easy leprechaun crafts that your child is sure to enjoy:

1. Leprechaun Candy Hugger

Leprechaun Candy Huggers are a fun and easy craft that your child can make to hold their favorite St. Patrick’s Day treats or for hugging gold coins. You may use a textured polka dot card stock for making the hat, vibrant orange for the beard, and kraft card stock for the Leprechaun main’s body. If you don’t have a personal cutting machine to cut the piece, you may print the template onto white card stock and trim it with your hand. For a detailed tutorial and other variations, visit Lia Griffith.

2. Leprechaun Hat

A hat is a great way to add a little bit of St. Patrick’s Day flair to your child’s wardrobe while encouraging them to get involved in the crafting process. This hat is simple and easy to put together, and your child will love wearing it around on St. Patrick’s Day! 

You will need a black paper cup, green construction paper, a yellow pipe cleaner, scissors, and glue to make this craft. Simply cut out a band of green construction paper to fit around the cup and glue it in place. Then, bend the pipe cleaner into a buckle shape and glue it onto the front of the band. You can then add a strip of yellow paper to the bottom of the cup to create the hat’s brim. You may refer to these images for some fun ideas.

3. Leprechaun Puppet

This craft is a great way to create a toy your child can play with long after St. Patrick’s Day. You will need some paper bags, green construction paper, markers, and glue to make the puppet. Simply cut out a hat, beard, and other facial features from the construction paper and glue them onto the paper bag to create a leprechaun puppet. Your child can then use markers to add details like eyes, eyebrows, and a mouth.

Rainbow Crafts

st patrick's day crafts for kids

Rainbows are often associated with St. Patrick’s Day because they are a symbol of the promise of hope and good things to come. According to legend, St. Patrick used the symbol of the rainbow in his teachings to illustrate the promise of God’s covenant with humanity. The story goes that after a great flood, a rainbow appeared in the sky, and St. Patrick used this as a symbol of God’s promise to never again flood the earth. Today, the rainbow is a common symbol of St. Patrick’s Day and is used in decorations, crafts, and other festivities.

1. Rainbow Paper Plate

To make this cute craft, you will need a paper plate, paint in the colors of the rainbow, cotton balls, scissors, and glue. Simply have your child paint the paper plate in the colors of the rainbow, allowing each color to dry before moving on to the next. Once the paint is dry, glue cotton balls to the bottom of the plate to create clouds. Your child can then hang the rainbow on the wall or display it on a tabletop for a festive decoration.

2. Rainbow Sun Catcher

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with charming and vibrant window decorations. This craft is an enjoyable and creative way to add a festive flair to your home decor. To make the sun catcher, you will need clear contact paper, tissue paper in the colors of the rainbow, scissors, and string. Cut the tissue paper into small squares and place them on the sticky side of the contact paper, overlapping them to create a rainbow. 

Once the rainbow is complete, place another piece of contact paper on top to seal it in. Cut out the shape of a cloud from white paper and glue it to the top of the rainbow. Punch a hole in the top of the cloud and tie a piece of string through it to hang the sun catcher in a window.

3. Rainbow Popsicle Stick Craft:

This St Patrick’s day crafts for kids is a fun and easy way to create a rainbow using popsicle sticks. To make the craft, you will need popsicle sticks, paint in the colors of the rainbow, glue, and cotton balls. Simply have your child paint each popsicle stick in the colors of the rainbow and let them dry. Then, glue the sticks together to form an arch. Glue cotton balls to the bottom of the arch to create clouds. Your child can display their rainbow on a shelf or tabletop for a fun and colorful decoration.

Other Inspirational Ideas

st patrick's day crafts for kids

In addition, your child can enjoy many other fun and easy St. Patrick’s Day crafts. Here are some additional inspirational ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

  • Pot of Gold Paper Plate Craft:  Looking for a fun St. Patrick’s Day craft project? Look no further than this Paper Plate Pot of Gold! This easy-to-make craft is a great way to celebrate the holiday and create a festive decoration for your home. Don’t worry about relying on leprechauns to find gold – you can create your own luck with this fun craft. Get ready to have some fun!
  • Sparkly Shamrock Necklace: Allow kids to make their own sparkly shamrock necklace. This project is easy to make and brings the traditional Irish symbol into a fun and modern design. Children can wear their shamrock necklaces during St. Patrick’s Day celebrations or when they’re celebrating their own Irish heritage! It’s a great way to show the world that you’re proud of your Irish roots!
  • Leprechaun With Fork Print Beard: Using a fork to print a beard on the face of an adorable leprechaun is a fun and easy way to make this printable craft. Decorating with your child is a fun way to enjoy crafting, and it can also be a great bonding experience. Simple lessons about sharing and working together create lasting memories for your child!

Final Thoughts

St. Patrick’s Day is a festive occasion that everyone, especially children, can enjoy. With the crafts we’ve shared, you can have a great time creating fun and easy decorations that celebrate the holiday.

At Baby Steps, we believe that crafting with children is a wonderful way to bond and make memories that will last a lifetime. Our crafts are designed to be simple yet engaging, allowing your child’s creativity to shine through.

If you’re looking for more crafting ideas or would like to learn more about our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 347-960-8334 for Forest Hills or 347-644-5528 for Rego Park. We’re always happy to help and look forward to hearing from you.