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Organizing Board Games: Tips to Get Your Board Game Collection on the Level


Board games have become more popular nowadays. People buy it for fun, as gifts for their kids, and for collection purposes. However, board games do not only bring joy to kids but also helps in developing their young minds. Therefore, most board games are designed to aid kid’s development. 


Even simple board games help young kids count spaces, identify colors, and develop hand-eye coordination in moving pieces and cards around the board. It also helps a child lengthen their attention span. In addition, following the rules like waiting your turn are significant lessons that can influence your child’s behavior. Indeed, playing games are an excellent way to foster healthy brain development in young kids. 


However, despite all these good things about board gameplay that’s been happening recently, it can be pretty challenging to maintain an organized collection of board games without losing track of any of them.


While there are a few systems to help organize your board games, you can save time and money by simply using a few tips and tricks to get it done yourself.


Organizing Board Games


Unique Board Game Storage and Organization Ideas


  1. Closet as Board Game Storage

If you have an available closet with you and think it is potential storage for your kid’s board game collections. Then it would be best if you had a brilliant inspiration to utilize that closet and transform it into a fantastic but reliable storage option. This closet game storage is perfect for you; you need to have plastic boxes to keep all the parts, pieces, and games together. Then it’s good to go.


  1. Board Game Storage Unit

This fantastic DIY board game storage unit is perfect. If you are a particular mom like you don’t want to see your kid’s board game collections pile up on the shelves in your living room, this idea is a more attractive solution. You may need to spend a couple of amounts for this to attain an excellent storage unit. You have to make sure to use flat pull-out shelves to enable you to slide a board game out with ease. 


  1. Rolling Game Table with Storage

Do you think your coffee table only function that way? Well, now that will change. You can transform that coffee table into a functional rolling game table for your kids and family. The best thing about this is you can store your board game pieces right there where you at after you play. If you have an old coffee table already, you need to have a wood shelf, chalk paint, veneer edging, and of course, wheels to transform into an inexpensive unit for board game storage.


  1. Game Card Storage Solution

It is a simple yet effective idea in organizing and storing your child’s board card games. When our kids play card games and decide to play in different locations, sometimes the board cards drop. To solve this, it is an excellent idea to have a plastic container with them so that after they play, they are required to put back the cards into the containers, thus securing them.


  1. Securing Solution for Kid’s Board Games

Headbands have many purposes, aside from making your hair look excellent and tidy. You can also use the headband to secure the unit to prevent your game pieces from falling and ensuring the lids don’t come off. Headbands are also used to categorized different board pieces and colors.


6.DIY Cubby Board Game Storage

Have you ever seen a cubby board game storage solution in a DIY project? It is what you need to make for your board game library. You may need to have a basket or bins for this project for storing your kid’s board game pieces. Then, categorize items or toys in the same container or basket. Finally, label the bins so your kids can identify where their board pieces go.

Board Game Storage Ideas

Hanging Board Games Organizer Ideas

One way to maximize storage without taking up floor space is by using a hanger as an organizer inside either your doorless hallway or overcoat rack. I’m sure many people can relate when they think about never having enough square footage for their game collections – but rest assured, there’s always something helpful out there like these clever options.


  1. Hanging Sweater Shelf Board Game Storage

A lot of people don’t even have space on their tables to store board games. The solution? A hanging sweater shelf! It frees up the table and shelf space, which is excellent for those who live in a small home or apartment. Plus, it’s super cool because you can hang your sleeves right next to the shelves, and this way, all but one sleeve will be visible, so they’ll never get lost again! And the best thing is this Board Game Storage is easier to set up.


  1. 6-Shelf Hanging Closet as Board Game Organizer

It has an adjustable shelving unit that works best for smaller board game boxes. You can also organize all of your board game collections in a bin or any specific category. This board game organizer idea is helpful for anyone who has a collection of board games with minimal storage space.


  1. Basics 6 Tier Hanging Closet Shelves

The game shelf is designed to hold all your favorite games, large or small. The shelves are flexible for different size items, including those smaller games and the pieces that come with them when you need a break from larger board games. So if your kids have been having trouble keeping their room organized, you can rely on this hanging closet to keep your kid’s board game pieces in check.


  1. Plastic Hanging Closet Organizer

This storage unit is perfect for storing games in a variety of shapes and sizes. In addition, the stackable shape provides more space than other solutions, which means you can keep all your favorite board games while still having room to use.


  1. 20-Pocket Over-the-Door Hanging Organizer

It is a wise option if you have extensive collections of small game pieces and card games. It is light and easy to put in place. This hanging organizer is a wise solution to maximize space and keep all of your kid’s games in one place.

Board Games Organizer Ideas

Board Game Storage Solutions

When you are looking for a quick solution that doesn’t need any work and comes affordable, you can also consider these options.


Cheese Slice Keeper – This plastic storage container keeps your small game board pieces together. It keeps your cards protected from sticky fingers and spilled juices since they can’t be open that easily. 


Portable Scrapbook Containers – are the perfect size for game boards! You can fit whole games inside them, including Trouble. It is a great way to keep your favorites together and avoiding lost pieces or missing instructions.


Portable Plastic Drawers – These are the perfect solution for storing games. Write on the top of each drawer with a marker, and you’ll be able to find all your favorite board games in seconds! These containers work perfectly well with smaller boards like Jenga or card game boxes. To keep cards safe from getting damaged when sliding them out, put an index organizer inside the container so that it holds up better than just cardboard dividers by themselves can do!


Sterilite Regular Clip Box – We all know that the worst part about board games is when you accidentally rip a card or spill water on your favorite game. Well, if this ever happens to one of these classics, then fear not! Sterilite flat containers are great at keeping our most precious pieces safe during transit and storage. Plus, they’re inexpensive for any budget, so it’s no problem throwing in an extra container just in case something goes awry with your prized possessions.


There are many options and suggestions for the best way to organize board games. The best solution will depend on your unique needs. Remember, the number one rule to organizing board games is to limit your game boxes by choosing which ones you play the most. If you have many board game collections, consider getting multiple storage organizer solutions to maximize your space. It’s also helpful if there are various containers that suit your style and needs, whether that’s big or small containers, drawers, or hangers.