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Make It Memorable! Top New Year’s Eve Crafts for Kids

new year's eve crafts

Looking for an early New Year’s Eve craft idea? Something to help keep the kids entertained on December 31st as we countdown to the new year? Look no further than these quick, easy, and creative ideas.

The start of a new year is always a good time for families to come together and make special memories. The transition from one year to the next can be a time for reflection, but it can also be a great opportunity to have fun and get creative. New Year’s Eve is the best time to do something special with your family and create a lasting impression of the beginning of the new year. This blog post is about how to make that happen with fun, creative craft ideas for kids to help them ring in the new year with a bang.

Creating crafts with your entire family is a perfect way to make memories you can treasure for a lifetime. Kids of all ages can participate in these fun, easy practical, decorative activities. From paper crafts to wearable decorations, these New Year’s Eve craft ideas for kids will help your family come up with some unique and exciting projects that will bring the festivities to life.

Top New Year’s Eve Crafts for Kids

Not only will these activities bring a sense of joy and excitement to the night, but they will also help kids to learn more about the celebration of the new year. From creating your own noisemakers to making a special countdown clock, there are various New Year’s Eve craft ideas that will keep kids busy for hours.

1. New Year’s Eve Party Hat

new year’s eve party hat

If it’s your family tradition to throw a party every year, or you are just planning to organize your party and want it to be more fun and memorable for kids, then having hats on hand is a great idea. They are fun and stylish and can be arranged in a different way each time you wear them. Hats are always in trend and can be paired with your favorite outfits or outfits of your kids to make it more fun. New Year’s Eve party hats are the best way to welcome the year and can also be used for other purposes, such as birthday parties and other celebrations.

The best thing about this is that you don’t need expensive supplies to make it, and you can easily do it yourself. All you need is a Hat template which you can download at Super Simple, Scissors, Card stock, Tape, White glue, Elastic string, Stapler, and Decorations (ribbons, pom poms, and pipe cleaners). For complete instructions on how to make this family-friendly craft, you may visit Super Simple.

2. Fireworks Ring New Year’s Craft

The kids will have a great time making these fireworks ring for their friends, family, and other guests. This craft can also be a perfect addition to your New Year’s Eve party favors or decorations. Although it is a firework, don’t worry; you won’t be using any fire, just a few regular materials to create these adorable rings that you can wear on your fingers as an accessory on New Year’s Eve. 

3. Edible Party Horns

edible party horns

When kids are getting older and may be growing out of the party hats but still want them to look like they are having a great time, making edible party horns can be the best choice. It is a wonderful way to have fun, be unique and create a lasting memory by adding some zest to the occasion. Food is always a great idea for having themed parties, and this edible horn craft will further exasperate your children’s delight and make them feel that your party is even more fun. Check Hungry Happenings for tips on making mouthwatering and adorable edible party horns.

4. New Year’s Eve Party Crackers

Party crackers are a great idea to keep your kids entertained during the countdown to the new year. Kids can take turns pulling them and figure out the different activities and party favors hidden inside them. You can make these crackers by following the instructions given at Moms and Munchkins. What’s good about this is it be used for other parties too. So, it is a multipurpose craft that can be used for a birthday parties, baby showers, and many other occasions for kids.

5. DIY Disco Ball

diy disco ball

A DIY Disco Ball is a great way to make a fun, festive, and colorful addition to your New Year’s Eve decorations. In addition to the glitter, the DIY Party Ball is made of simple materials that most kids can easily assemble. All you need is some Paper Lantern, Holographic Bird Tap, Tape or Glue Dots, and a Length of ribbon. When you have the time, it can be a great project with your kids, and they will definitely enjoy the results. For more information, you may visit Gretas Day.

6. Shooting Star Piñata

A Pinata is a great addition to any party, especially in terms of providing entertainment for kids. A Shooting star pinata can be decorated in any way you like and is your way of bringing a little bit of magic to the party. Important things you need are Large cardboard boxes, a Sharp box cutter, Craft glue, Hot glue, a glue gun, and Brush; you can collect the rest of the materials from your home. Here is a complete tutorial on how to make a Shooting Star Pinata at Delia Creates.

7. New Year’s Eve Countdown Goodie Bag

new year’s eve countdown goodie bag

On New Year’s Eve, you can fill up goodie bags to count down to midnight and make your kids enjoy the celebrations in a creative way. This is a fun craft idea for kids who will love to make bags filled with their favorite treats and goodies. You may also include toys and other small gifts your kids would love. You may check Hoosier Homemade for a detailed tutorial on how to make these Goodie bags filled with New Year’s Eve goodies. The bags are really colorful, and it’s a great craft idea for kids to follow.

8. Countdown Clocks

The countdown is one of the most awaited things during New Year celebrations. While you get ready to welcome the new year in style, you can put together a special countdown clock for your kids and let them know exactly how much time is left until they ring in the new year. Using the paper plate as the base, you can decorate it with your favorite graphics and words to create your own creative countdown clock. These can be lots of fun for kids to hang and display on the wall for all to see when midnight strikes. Buggy and Buddy have a great countdown clock craft idea that is fun and easy to follow. 

9. DIY Happy New Year Garland

When it comes to New Year’s Eve decorations, New Year-themed garlands are a much-loved option for many. As someone who loves to add a touch of sparkle and festivity, you can choose from a variety of garlands available online. However, creating your own is always better as you can customize it according to your choice and requirements. You may use scrapbook paper, glittery adhesive chipboard alphabet letters, a black marker, a paper cutter, and gold trim. With your child’s help, you can easily create your own DIY Happy New Year Garland. Vicky Barone can give you a detailed tutorial on creating this gorgeous garland, so check out her site.

10. DIY New Year’s Eve Noise Makers Craft

diy new year’s eve noise makers

You can create an array of fun noise makers for your kid’s New Year’s Eve party this year. These can also be great gifts for kids to give to their friends and family who are celebrating the new year in another place. You may want to use Paper Plates, Popsicle Sticks, Markers/Crayons, Ribbon, Glue, Uncooked Pasta, Stapler, and Sequins. You can also fill the noisemakers with glitter and other items that will make them look more colorful. Mom Unleashed can teach you more about creating these easy and fun New Year’s Eve noise makers.

Final Thoughts

So, these are the ten best New Year’s Eve Crafts for Kids. This will surely make your kids enjoy the New Year celebrations with lots of fun and excitement. Follow each detailed tutorial given above, and you will soon have a great time with your children making these amazing crafts to celebrate a great new year.

Here at Baby Steps Daycare, we understand that New Year is a special holiday. We know how important it is to make your child happy and excited. That is why we are presenting you with a wide range of New Year’s Eve activities and crafts for kids that will surely make your child enjoy this special day. If you have other ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve with your child, then we would love to hear about them. Please share your ideas and suggestions with us in the comment section below. If you want to know more about Baby Steps Daycare, check out our programs. Happy New Year, and all the best in 2022!