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Adorable Mother’s Day Activities for Preschoolers to Make Mom Smile

mothers day activities for preschoolers
Mother’s Day is a special occasion dedicated to celebrating the incredible moms in our lives. It’s a day when we honor their love, sacrifice, and unwavering support. This day holds a unique significance for preschoolers as they eagerly seek ways to show their appreciation and bring smiles to their moms’ faces. These adorable mothers day activities for preschoolers allow them to showcase their creativity, love, and thoughtfulness.

This guide will explore twelve delightful activities preschoolers can engage in to make their moms feel cherished and loved. From handmade crafts to heartfelt gestures, each activity is crafted to capture the essence of Mother’s Day and create precious memories that will be treasured for years to come.

These activities not only provide an opportunity for preschoolers to express their affection but also offer a range of developmental benefits. Children will enhance their fine motor skills, creativity, and teamwork abilities through painting, crafting, cooking, and more. They will learn the joy of giving and the power of gratitude, fostering a sense of appreciation for the incredible mothers who make their world brighter.

Whether you are a parent, teacher, or caregiver, these activities are sure to inspire and create magical moments that will leave mom beaming with joy. Let’s explore the enchanting ways preschoolers can make their moms smile on this special day.

8 Mother’s Day Activities for Preschoolers to Make Mom Smile

Make this Mother’s Day extra special with our collection of 12 adorable activities designed for preschoolers to make their moms smile. These delightful ideas will create lasting memories and warm mom’s heart, from handprint bouquets to homemade picture frames and breakfast surprises to heartfelt cards. Let’s dive into the joy of creating and celebrating!

1. Handprint Bouquet
mothers day activities for preschoolers

There’s something undeniably charming about a bouquet of flowers, especially when it’s crafted with love by little hands. In this activity, preschoolers will have the opportunity to create a vibrant and unique handprint bouquet for their moms.


  • Gather colorful paints and sheets of paper.
  • Help preschoolers dip their hands in paint and press their handprints onto the paper to form flower shapes.
  • Let the handprints dry.
  • Encourage preschoolers to use markers or crayons to add stems, leaves, and other floral details.
  • Optionally, they can write personalized messages or “Happy Mother’s Day” on the bouquet.
  • Cut out the flower creations.
  • Arrange the handprint flowers in a vase or tie them together with a ribbon.
  • For inspiration, you may visit The Best Ideas for Kids to see examples of handprint bouquets and get ideas for different flower designs.

Through this activity, preschoolers will develop their fine motor skills as they carefully paint and cut while exercising their creativity and imagination. It’s a wonderful opportunity for them to express their love for their moms in a tangible and heartfelt way. And when Mom receives this colorful handprint bouquet, her heart will surely bloom with joy and appreciation.

2. “Reasons I Love You” Jar
reasons why i love you

Celebrate the incredible bond between preschoolers and their moms with a heartfelt and personalized activity. The “Reasons I Love You” Jar allows preschoolers to express their deep affection and gratitude for their moms beautifully and meaningfully. Let’s embark on this touching activity that will surely make mom feel cherished and loved.


  • Find a suitable jar or container that can be decorated and personalized.
  • Assist the preschoolers in cutting small pieces of paper or provide pre-cut paper strips.
  • Encourage the children to write or dictate reasons why they love their moms on each paper strip. They can include qualities they admire, special moments, or acts of kindness.
  • Guide the preschoolers in decorating the jar using stickers, ribbons, or colorful markers. They can let their creativity shine as they make the jar visually appealing.
  • Instruct the children to fold the paper strips and place them inside the jar, creating a collection of heartfelt messages for Mom to discover.
  • As an optional touch, consider decorating the lid of the jar with a special label or tag that says “Reasons I Love You.”
  • For inspiration and additional ideas on decorating the jar or creating personalized messages, please visit Our Kind of Crazy.

The “Reasons I Love You” Jar activity brings forth numerous benefits for preschoolers and their moms. Firstly, it promotes gratitude as it encourages children to reflect on the reasons why they hold their moms in such high regard. This fosters a sense of appreciation and thankfulness within the child. Secondly, the activity enhances language development as the children express their emotions and thoughts through writing or dictation. It provides an opportunity for them to articulate their feelings and strengthen their communication skills. 

3. Homemade Picture Frame
handmade frame

Capture beautiful memories and add a personal touch to Mother’s Day with the delightful activity of creating a homemade picture frame. This hands-on project allows preschoolers to showcase their creativity while providing a meaningful gift that will hold cherished moments for moms. Let’s dive into the steps of crafting a one-of-a-kind picture frame that will bring a smile to mom’s face.


  • Gather craft materials such as cardboard, craft sticks, glue, paints, markers, and decorative elements like stickers or sequins.
  • Assist the preschoolers in arranging the craft sticks to form the shape of a frame and secure them with glue.
  • Let the children unleash their creativity by painting the frame in vibrant colors or adding patterns and designs.
  • Once the paint has dried, encourage the children to decorate the frame further with stickers, sequins, or their own drawings using markers.
  • Cut out a piece of cardboard or construction paper to fit the back of the frame and glue it in place.
  • Optionally, help the children select a favorite photo of themselves with their mom or a family picture to insert into the frame.

The homemade picture frame activity offers numerous benefits to preschoolers. Firstly, it enhances their fine motor skills as they handle and manipulate craft materials such as glue, paints, and stickers. Moreover, the completed picture frame becomes a meaningful gift that the mom can display proudly, showcasing the bond between her and her child. It serves as a tangible reminder of cherished memories and celebrates the love shared within the family.

For inspiration and additional ideas on decorating the homemade picture frame, please visit Mom Junction

4. Breakfast Surprise
mothers day activities for preschoolers

Start Mother’s Day off with a delicious and heartwarming surprise for mom – a homemade breakfast prepared with love by preschoolers. This delightful activity allows children to showcase their culinary skills while creating a memorable experience for their moms. Let’s explore the steps to create a breakfast surprise that will leave mom feeling appreciated and loved.


  • Assist the preschoolers in selecting a breakfast recipe suitable for their skill level, such as pancakes, fruit salad, or scrambled eggs.
  • Gather the necessary ingredients and kitchen utensils, ensuring safety precautions are followed.
  • Guide the children through each step of the recipe, allowing them to measure ingredients, mix batter, or help with food preparation (under supervision).
  • Encourage the children to personalize the breakfast surprise by adding special touches, such as arranging fruit in a heart shape or creating smiley faces on pancakes with toppings.
  • Help the preschoolers set the table with colorful placemats, napkins, and flowers to create a lovely breakfast ambiance.
  • With adult supervision, cook the breakfast together, ensuring that the children actively participate in the process.
  • Once the breakfast is ready, present it to Mom with love and pride, and enjoy the meal together as a family.

Preparing a breakfast surprise for moms enhances their motor skills and coordination as they handle utensils, pour ingredients, and assist with food preparation. Secondly, it promotes teamwork and cooperation when working together to create a delicious meal. Additionally, the activity nurtures a sense of responsibility and accomplishment as children actively contribute to the family’s morning routine. For additional breakfast recipe ideas, please visit Little Day Out

5. Handmade Card
card made by children

A heartfelt card holds the power to convey love, gratitude, and admiration. In this activity, preschoolers can unleash their creativity and craft personalized handmade cards for their moms on Mother’s Day. Let’s explore the steps to create a beautiful card that will bring a smile to Mom’s face and warm her heart.


  • Provide preschoolers with colored construction paper, markers, crayons, stickers, glitter, and any other decorative materials they may need.
  • Encourage the children to fold a piece of construction paper in half to create the card’s base.
  • Assist them in brainstorming and writing thoughtful messages or poems for their moms inside the card.
  • Let their creativity soar as they decorate the card’s front with drawings, stickers, or glitter.
  • Guide the children in personalizing the card by adding their handprints, fingerprints, or a photo of themselves with their moms.
  • Encourage them to add any additional decorative elements to make the card unique and special.

Creating a handmade card enhances their fine motor skills as they use markers, crayons, and other materials to write, draw, and decorate. Secondly, it fosters creativity and self-expression as children can design the card according to their imagination and personal style. You may visit The Craft at Home Family for inspiration and ideas on creating handmade cards.

6. Garden Planting
mothers day activities for preschoolers

Embark on a green-thumb adventure with the garden planting activity, where preschoolers can cultivate their love for nature and create a living gift for their moms. This hands-on experience teaches children about plants, growth, and the joy of nurturing life. Let’s explore the steps to create a beautiful garden that will bring delight and pride to the preschooler and their mom.


  • Select an appropriate outdoor or indoor area for the garden, ensuring it receives adequate sunlight and is easily accessible for watering and care.
  • Help the preschoolers choose a variety of seeds or small plants, considering their mom’s preferences and the local climate.
  • Guide the children in preparing the soil by loosening it and removing any weeds or debris.
  • Assist them in planting the seeds or placing the young plants into the soil, ensuring they are spaced appropriately and planted at the correct depth.
  • Teach the children about the importance of watering the garden regularly, providing gentle reminders to care for the plants.
  • Encourage them to monitor the garden’s progress, observing the sprouting of seeds and the growth of the plants.
  • Optionally, consider adding decorative elements such as colorful plant markers or a small garden border to enhance the visual appeal.

Engaging in the garden planting activity offers a wealth of benefits for preschoolers. Firstly, it provides an opportunity for hands-on learning about plants, gardening, and the natural world. It fosters a sense of responsibility as children learn to care for living things and understand the importance of nurturing. For inspiration and gardening tips, please visit All About Gardening.

7. Nature Walk and Flower Picking
flower picking

Step into the beauty of nature and embark on a delightful adventure with your preschooler by going on a nature walk and flower picking. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate Mother’s Day and create lasting memories with your little one.


  • Choose a nearby park, garden, or nature trail where you can go for a leisurely walk with your preschooler.
  • Pack a small basket or bucket to collect the flowers your child discovers along the way.
  • Encourage your preschooler to observe and appreciate the different colors, shapes, and scents of the flowers they come across.
  • Teach them to pick flowers responsibly, ensuring they don’t harm the plants or pluck-protected species.
  • Engage in conversations about the names of the flowers and their characteristics, fostering your child’s curiosity and learning.
  • Encourage your preschooler to select a variety of flowers to create a vibrant bouquet for Mom.
  • Once you have collected a handful of flowers, help your child arrange them into a beautiful bouquet or bundle.
  • Show them how to gently hold the stems together and tie them with a ribbon or string.
  • Discuss the significance of giving flowers as a symbol of love and appreciation for Mom on Mother’s Day.
  • After the nature walks, find a suitable spot in your home or garden to display the lovely bouquet and surprise Mom with a heartfelt gift.

Observing and discussing the characteristics of different flowers, your preschooler learns about botany, colors, shapes, and the diversity of nature. By emphasizing the importance of picking flowers responsibly, you instill values of respect for nature and its beauty.

8. Sweet Poetry
mothers day activities for preschoolers

Ignite the power of words and emotions with the Sweet Poetry activity, where preschoolers can express their love and admiration for their moms through heartfelt verses. This creative endeavor allows children to explore language, emotions, and the beauty of self-expression. Let’s dive into crafting a sweet poem that touches mom’s heart and creates a treasured keepsake.


  • Encourage the preschoolers to think about their moms and the qualities they admire most.
  • Help them brainstorm words and phrases describing their moms’ love, kindness, strength, or other special traits.
  • Guide the children in constructing simple and meaningful sentences using the words they came up with.
  • Encourage them to play with rhymes or rhythms, adding a musical touch to their poem.
  • Assist in arranging the sentences into a poem format, considering line breaks and structure.
  • Encourage the children to add illustrations or decorations to the poem, making it visually appealing.
  • Optionally, help the preschoolers practice reciting the poem aloud to create a heartfelt performance for their moms.

Engaging in the Sweet Poetry activity offers valuable benefits for preschoolers. Firstly, it promotes language development and literacy skills as children explore words, sentence construction, and poetic elements such as rhyme and rhythm. Secondly, it encourages emotional expression and empathy as they reflect on their moms’ qualities and feelings. For inspiration and ideas on crafting sweet poems, please visit Little Learning Corner.

Final Thoughts

These mothers day activities for preschoolers are perfect for creating special memories with moms. From the Handprint Bouquet to Sweet Poetry, each activity is designed to bring a smile to mom’s face and create a lasting bond between parent and child. These activities are not only fun, but they also encourage creativity, communication, and love.

At Baby Steps, we recognize moms’ importance and all they do for their children. Mother’s Day is a time to honor and celebrate the love, dedication, and sacrifice that mothers make for their families. These activities are just a small way to show our appreciation and gratitude for all that moms do.

We hope these activities inspire preschoolers and their families to create unforgettable memories and strengthen their bond. Mother’s Day is a day to cherish and celebrate the love that we share with our mothers. We wish all moms a happy and joyful Mother’s Day filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable memories.