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Fear? Not If You Use Anger Management For Kids The Right Way!

Although anger is a normal emotion, it can lead to aggression when it gets uncontrolled. As parents, we will never want to encourage our children to express themselves through anger so is your ultimate guide to anger management for kids.


Anger Defined

Anger management for kids


Anger can be associated with a lot of emotions. Furthermore, it is oftentimes the most misunderstood feeling so we want to put a clarification as to what anger is when it comes to preschoolers.

Anger is not a negative emotion – It is in fact a natural and healthy emotion. It aims to tell you something that no word can best describe. Understanding your kids and what makes them angry will surely go a long way.

Anger always means violence – When kids get angry, it does not always mean that they become violent. Though they sometimes tend to throw away whatever object they are holding, it still is also equally important to help them learn to express themselves verbally.

Controlling anger is good – No. When your kids learn to suppress their anger, it will no longer be helpful. Their anger is telling them something and for them to be understood, they will need to express it in whatever way they can. Practice your kids to open up when it comes to their emotions.

What is Anger Management for Kids?

Anger management for kids-defined


Uncontrolled anger and emotion can cause psychological problems and can lead to a harmful demeanor. Aggression begins in the toddler years. This is when kids tend to be more naturally aggressive compared to other age groups. Moreover, their inability to talk and fully express feelings could be one triggering factor of this behavior.

Anger management for kids helps in developing children’s ability to cope with their anger. This also is very vital, not just in preschool, but for their entire lives. it is never about being able to pin them down to stop them from having tantrums. It is more on understanding why they are acting like they do and being able to properly handle their emotions.


How to Respond When a Child Lashes Out?

Being kids who cannot fully express themselves, it could be hard for them to contain and handle their emotions. Their young brains are still immature leading them to an uncontrollable outburst of emotions. Keeping up with slashing out children will never be easy so we prepared this list for you to know what to do when your children start to flare up.

1. Avoid the situation as much as possible

As parents, we become naturally aware and attentive to what our children do and how they act on things. To avoid unlikely situations with your children, learn to avoid any situation that could trigger their anger. Watch out for cues and signs. If they get agitated when they are hungry, then always make sure that they get to be fed well all the time. Avoidance is always a handy strategy sometimes.

2. Do not hurt them

As much as children need to control their emotions, so do you. Every time your kid starts to lash out, give them enough space and time to cool down. Sometimes, dealing with an aggressive child right then and there does not help. You also need to compose yourself and gain courage not to hurt your child who expresses frustration.

3. Emotions over intelligence

In order to alleviate someone else’s anger, you need to be calm yourself. Despite having a lot to ask and say to your child who is throwing an attitude, take deep breaths first. You must stabilize your emotions beforehand. Your child needs your help and your angry rants will never be of great help.

4. Respond

The greatest response to an angry child is not always about punishments. You will need to spend time to understand what has happened to know how this can be avoided in the future. You may need to sit down with your child, look him in the eye, and ask him what has triggered his anger. Talk to him in the calmest way possible without threatening him about taking away something from him.

5. Show them that you love them

Children need to feel that they are being valued and appreciated. In spite of being frustrated over multiple things, you still should never make them feel like they are a burden. Consequently, the more they lash out, the more you need to show them that you love them. Even if they misbehave, give them enough affection. They will need it more than anything, indeed.


Must-try Powerful Anger Management Activities for Kids

Eminently, you would be willing to do almost anything to calm your slashing kid down. So we prepared a list of must-try activities to help you and your kids manage anger.

1. Breathing exercise

2. Blow bubbles

3. Meditation

4.Progressive muscle relaxation exercises

5. Yoga for kids

6. Squeezing a stress ball

7. Step out into the garden

8. Take your kid for a walk

9. Bring him to a quiet place

10. Let him watch his favorite TV program

11. Tell him a story
12. Play board games

13. Make drawings

14.Listen to music

15. Count from 1-10

16. Give him his most loved stuff toy

17. Give him snacks

18.Read picture books

19. Bake cookies

20. Cuddles


Your kids will never be angry for no reason at all. Therefore, whatever emotion they show you, there is something that has triggered it. When they start shouting out of the blue, it could be that they need something from you but they could not just find the right words to say. Above all, if your kids misbehave in a family gathering, it could be that they are not comfortable with the people around them.

While it may be true that anger management for kids is more than just being able to cool them down it is also more into understanding why they act and feel that way. That is why here at Baby Steps, we always make sure that your children get all the attention they need. By the time you leave them with us, we take full responsibility for taking care of them holistically.

Should you be in need of a daycare that offers the utmost development for your kids, do not hesitate to call us now!