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10 Fun Christmas Activities for Preschoolers To Keep Them Busy During The Holidays

christmas activities for preschoolers

The Christmas season is the season of giving and receiving. It’s a time when families gather together to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and enjoy each other’s company. And while the Christmas season is meant to be an enjoyable time, it is also a time when the family may be together more frequently. So what are you going to do with your preschoolers? Are you prepared to handle them once they get bored? Make sure that you have some engaging activities to keep them entertained and busy.

It is always a brilliant idea to have activities planned so that kids aren’t just sitting around while you’re trying to enjoy your time with them. The Christmas season is supposed to be spent with family and friends, so your kids must be kept active and busy throughout the holiday. It would be best to make sure that they’re occupied during Christmas so that when the holiday is over, they will still have those memories of how much fun they had.

At Baby Steps Daycare, we know exactly how meaningful Christmas is. So, we made sure that we had fun Christmas activities that preschoolers could enjoy doing. If you’re looking for fun activities that children would enjoy, then take a look at this article as we suggest 15 fun Christmas activities to keep your kids entertained while they celebrate the holiday with the family. You may even want to keep these activities in mind in case of any other holiday so that you can spend time together with your children on different occasions.

Benefits of Christmas Activities for Preschoolers

Christmas activities bring out the best in children. Christmas activities are a great way for parents to get their children engaged in the holiday spirit and make sure that they don’t lose interest in Christmas when it is over. You and your kids can get benefits from these activities as they teach your children while they’re having fun.

  • Christmas activities help to develop your preschooler’s concentration and focus: The holiday season is a busy time of year, so your kids will have to focus on the task at hand. Make sure that you choose fun Christmas activities that can also require some dedication so that since the start, they will be focused on getting the most out of it.
  • Christmas activities help develop your preschooler’s motor skills: Your child will learn how to use their hands and feet while trying to perform the tasks. Some of these activities require them to use their hands, feet, and even their mouths. You can also choose activities that will help them develop other skills like throwing and balancing so that your child will be learning as they have fun throughout the activity.
  • Christmas activities allow you to spend more quality time with your preschooler: It is a great opportunity to spend quality time with your preschooler. You will be able to bond and strengthen the bond that you already have with each other. It’s also a good chance to learn how much you love them and care for them. It will make them more confident when doing these activities in the future.

How Do Kids Celebrate Christmas at Home?

The Christmas season is a great time for the whole family to spend together. So you can make it even more memorable for your children by planning activities for them to do during the holidays. 

To make sure that they will have fun with Christmas activities, it would be best to start early in December so that you don’t have any last-minute planning to do. You will also want to give enough time for your toddlers and preschoolers to be able to do the activities by themselves once you’re done with them. Here are some ideas that you can consider to plan fun Christmas activities that will keep your kids busy and entertained.

15 Fun Christmas Activities for Preschoolers

1. Create Your Own Snowman

christmas activities for preschoolers

It is a great activity for preschoolers to create their own unique snowman. It will also help them get familiar with the parts of a snowman, like the head and the legs. You can make the snowman using socks. For the complete guide on how to make one, you may visit The Spruce Crafts

2. Grow Your Own Christmas Tree

christmas activities for preschoolers

Growing a Christmas tree sponge by Gift of Curiosity is an excellent way to combine science with fine motor activity. It is a great way for preschoolers to learn about plants and how a tree grows. It is also a great activity for them to do as it will be fun to watch the grass seed grow from a sponge. Your little one will see how their hard work can grow something big and beautiful. To get your Christmas tree sponge to be ready by Christmas day, I suggest you get your child to start this activity sooner rather than later.

3. Crystal Candy Canes

christmas activities for preschoolers

If you’re looking for a fun Christmas activity that preschoolers can do, then you may want to consider making some candy canes. Just add a little sparkle to your child’s Christmas decoration, and your child is sure to be thrilled on Christmas day by the beautiful candy cane they made. You may want to use this candy cane as part of your child’s decoration because it looks beautiful. You can find the complete guide at Go Science Kids on how to make these amazing candy canes that are festive, easy, and fun for children who love arts and crafts.

4. Christmas Playdough

christmas activities for preschoolers

It will be fun for both you and your child as they can learn how to play with playdough while they’re having some fun. It is one of the most engaging Christmas activities for preschoolers because it’s more fun and requires less work. To get your child started, visit Teaching Mama, who has complete instructions on how you can make this fun Christmas activity. 

5. Snowman Christmas Countdown Calendar

Christmas Countdown Calendar

It is another great activity that will help your preschooler learn to count. It will also help your child develop the fine motor skills they need to make snowmen on Christmas day. To start this activity, you can check out Coffee and Carpool, which includes all the materials that you need together with step-by-step directions.

6. Christmas Pattern Blocks

If you want a fun children’s activity during the holiday season, then try these Christmas pattern blocks from PreKinders. They are so much fun for children to play with and design their pictures. Pattern blocks teach kids geometry and shapes and enhance their visual discrimination skills.

7. Gingerbread Roll and Count

christmas activities for preschoolers

It is a Christmas activity that is fun and easy. It’s an excellent way for your child to practice counting and will help them develop their fine motor skills. Doing this also enhances their math skills. This Christmas activity will surely be something they’ll always remember. For more info, go to Hands-on Learning with Life, where you can find the complete instructions.

8. Christmas Tree Name Puzzle

It is one of the most wonderful Christmas activities for preschoolers. And also an excellent activity for bigger kids to practice sight words, skip counting, and math facts. You can find the tutorial at How Wee Learn by checking out the information.

9. Jingle Bells Sensory Bottle

jingle bells sensory bottle

Kids like to play with sensory bottles, so why not give them this one for Christmas?! You can use items or materials you already have around the house to make this fun and easy Christmas activity extra fun. To get you started, go to Preschool Inspirations, as they have the complete directions on how you can make this Christmas activity.

10. DIY Snow Globe

Snow Globe

Kids will adore this DIY snow globe activity that you can make for them. It is a super easy Christmas activity for preschoolers and fun to play with. Check out Messy Little Monster for the details on how you can do this fun Christmas activity with your child. 

Christmas is a time for families to get together and rejoice. In preparing for the holiday season, it is best to start the season earlier than later so that you have more time to plan and make your child’s Christmas celebration memorable. But aside from planning activities, you also have to spend quality time with your loved ones to strengthen your bond with them. With these ideas as inspiration, hopefully, you can start your planning now on what Christmas activities for kids will you do at home this year.

On behalf of Baby Steps Daycare, teachers, and customer support team members, we wish you a safe and happy festive season!

With Love & Joy in the New Year!

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