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8 Factors to Consider in Finding The Best After-School Daycare

If you’re in the market for a new after-school daycare or just looking to find a new one for your child, this post will help you know what to look for and where to start.


What is the best after-school daycare? 

It can be challenging to determine which daycare is the best. It’s essential that your daycare not only meets all of the safety requirements. It should also offer a nurturing environment with plenty of activities for children.

Daycare facilities must follow some strict codes for safety, such as fire regulations, which means you can be assured that your child will be in a secure environment.

The question remains of what makes the best daycare facility. Of course, the ideal daycare facility provides everything you are looking for. Many parents don’t want to send their children to a large daycare center because they want their children to form close bonds with someone other than the teacher during the school year.

You can also choose a smaller daycare for your child with only a few well-trained teachers and have experience with children.

What makes the best daycare facility is a tricky question to answer. It’s challenging to decide which criteria will make the best daycare center in your area, but you can look at several issues to determine which facility may be able to meet your needs.


Here are a few factors you can put into consideration when searching for an ideal after-school daycare:

  1. Location

The first thing you should look at is the location of the daycare. Make sure that you like the area where the daycare is located. Find out if there are any parks nearby for your child to play in during his or her downtime.

If possible, find out if any community programs could be helpful to your child’s development. You can ask teachers who currently work at the facility about what they think about their facility and whether it meets your needs.


  1. Safety

Your next concern should be safety. You must know that your child will be safe at his or her new daycare. Find out if the facility has a playground for your child to play on.

Look around the area and ensure that there aren’t any safety hazards in the area. These include an apartment building near the facility where children can wander away or a busy street nearby where your child could get hit by a car.


  1. Hours

It would be best if you looked for an after-school daycare that has adequate hours. Most after-school daycare centers have lunch and nap time that you must consider when evaluating their options.

Be sure to consider when your child will be unsupervised at the daycare center. If your child is unsupervised for an extended period, you may want to look for a school-based child care center instead.


  1. Teacher Quality

You should pay attention to the teacher’s qualifications. Don’t worry about the other staff members, unless you have doubts about them.

Your primary focus should be the teachers because they will be directly responsible for your child’s well-being during the day. Find out if any of the teachers at the daycare center have any experience working with children.

Find out if any of them have special certifications or training in early childhood education. Most daycare facilities require teachers to undergo background checks and random drug tests.

You can also request that the daycare facility send you information regarding the licensing of its teachers. You can pay more attention to a specific daycare if the facility has teachers individually selected because of their excellent work with children.


  1. Activity In The Classroom

You should see what’s going on in the classroom when you visit your child’s new daycare center. Find out what the daily schedule of activities is for your child.

If you want your child to play with toys, find out if there is a toy room in the classroom. If your child has special needs and needs some help with their social skills, ask about the role of a teaching assistant or a special aide in the classroom.

You should also be aware that most after-school daycare facilities have busy playrooms with lots of toys that children can use to keep them occupied during their sessions.


  1. Nutrition

If you are looking for a daycare that offers nutritious meals, find out if it has a dietitian on staff. If your child’s needs are unique, you should ask the daycare center about providing nutritional assistance to your child.

Your child might have specific dietary needs or food allergies that the daycare center can help with. The school district may also provide nutritional assistance to children who qualify. Find out how much nutrition and medicine is provided at this facility.


  1. Child-To-Teacher Ratio

Your child will be with the same group of children for several hours. You need to ensure that he or she will be accepted at the daycare facility. Find out if there are too many children in each classroom at the center.

You don’t want your child to be stared down by a child of the same age who has no interest in him or her.

You can also determine whether or not the daycare facility is accredited by checking with your state’s department of early education. It is also an excellent gesture to ensure that your child will receive the correct education type at this center.


  1. Amenities

Find out what the daycare facility provides for the kids. Decide if it has a playground and whether or not there is enough space for your child to run around and play.

You should also determine if the daycare center has any special services for children who have special needs to keep them entertained. You can expect your child’s after-school care provider to provide basic amenities such as a small playground, toys, and even a computer room.


Why Should You Not Just Enroll My Child in a Random After-school Program in Your Area?

Your child’s after-school care provider is an essential person in your child’s life. It’s the last place you want to leave your child at night. It is also a good way for parents to ensure that their children will get the education they need.

If you’re looking for a better after-school care facility, ensure to select the right daycare for your child. You can do this by asking about those qualities above that we discussed in this article.

There are several issues that parents need to consider when selecting an after-school care program for their children. Through this article, you will know what to look for when choosing your child’s right provider.


If you want to consider your after-school daycare options in New York, please send us a message now, and we will be glad to answer your inquiries.