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3D Art Activities for Kids to Unleash Creativity

3D Art Activities for Kids

Art is an ideal way for children to explore and work with their creativity. It also provides a safe space where kids can be themselves without fear of judgment. In addition, through art, a child can understand and express their emotions better. 


However, not all children are fond of making arts and crafts. They find it difficult to do and do not have an interest in doing it. If your kid is not showing interest in learning art yet, there is nothing to fear. Like reading and writing, art can also be nurtured and developed.


As a parent, you can spark your child’s interest in learning art by introducing it to them in a fun and exciting manner. However, it is not easy to find ways to teach art effectively. To help you out, you may consider the following tips.


How to Introduce Art to Kids


1. Start with the Basics

Before introducing art to a kid for the first time, whether at home or in the classroom, getting them familiar with art supplies is recommended. It will help them see making art as something fun and exciting. You can start by getting a few basic art supplies such as crayons, paint, colored paper, glue, and scissors. Ensure that these art tools are age-appropriate and that they are not too hard for your kid to handle.


2. Find an Art Medium That Your Kid Loves

If you want to encourage your kids to make arts regularly, you should find an art medium that they love. Most kids are very particular about the art materials that they want to use. Hence, you should look for what they want and stick with it.


3. Do Arts Together

There are a lot of art projects for kids you can find on the internet nowadays. You need to find them and introduce some of them to your kids. It is better to complete the project together while helping them develop their skills. You may find it fun to help out your kids make arts or crafts if you are creative. In addition, doing arts together can help your kids develop a sense of pride and accomplishment in making their artworks. 


4. Encourage Kids to Share Their Art Works

As kids develop their skills, they can start making real art. If you want to build their creative skills, you can encourage them to show their artwork to others. By doing this, your kid will learn that they are proud of what they have accomplished and that creativity is shared.


5. Encourage them to do 3D Art Activities

As you encourage your kids to do 2D art, you may also want to ask them about their interest in 3D art. If they say they do not like it as much as 2D art, you can encourage them to try it out. It would help if you made the activity more exciting and fun so that your child no longer thinks of it as merely a chore.


What are 3D Arts?

3d arts are forms of art that employ principles of geometry to create the illusion of three-dimensional depth. It is done by the use of light and shadow as well as perspective. Artists specialize in 3d arts to create sculptures, puzzles, and other such forms of decoration.


One way to get your child into 3d Arts is by getting them involved in making toys using clay. Your child can make toys for their stuffed animals or even teach them how to sculpt complex shapes to feel that it is not difficult at all.

3D Art Activities for Kids

Reasons 3D Art Activities Can Unleash a Child’s Creativity

3D art activities do not only help kids unleash their creativity, but they also help them tap into their imagination. The reason behind it, as a child troubleshoots how to build his sculpture, he will be using a lot of his imagination to create an excellent 3D object. It will happen because, at one point, the child may have to try various methods before getting the 3D structure right. In this manner, the activity allows your kid to use their imagination and develop numerous ways to solve this problem and determine what is right and wrong when creating it.


If you nurture your child to become a great artist when he grows up, or if you like to, you can introduce these activities to inspire creativity.


3D Art Activities for Kids to Unleash Creativity


1. XO Band Bracelet

This fun 3D activity from Kids Activities is an excellent activity to nurture your child’s interest in learning arts. You Kid will develop pattern-making skills, follow complex directions, make designs, and enhance their fine motor skills. This 3D art project can be done from start to finish by kids and once children understand the basic design concept. Then, they can get creative, imaginative and can come up with their designs. 


2. Necklace Craft

If you are looking for a spring craft for your child with both math and literature component, this one is ideal. Your child will have the chance to practice counting and patterns in response to a well-known kid’s story. In addition, this craft from Buggy and Buddy is easy to prepare and only requires materials like yarn and liquid glue, and once your child is old enough to use scissors, he can do most of the work alone. 


3. Planets and The Solar System Made with Play Dough

An activity that will not introduce your child to the world of art but also about science, particularly planets and the solar system. Using Play Dough, have your child create model planets. Allow them to give their touch on their creation. You may find further details of this activity by visiting The Pinay Homeschooler


4. Making & Painting Ice Rocks

Who would have thought that you can make 3D activities using ice? Your child can enjoy this activity anytime they want, but it is best during the winter season. All you need to do is to fill the regular balloons with water and left outside overnight, or you can store them in your freezer. Then, peel the balloon and have your child start making art. 


5. Open-Ended Playdough Activities

It is an excellent way to engage your kids in experimentation and creative play. The good thing about this unique activity is you don’t need to provide your kid with fancy materials, but instead materials only available with you like buttons, pipe, cleaners, sequins, and many more.

3D Art Activities for Kids

6. Magnetic Art

It is a quiet and simple activity your child can enjoy. You need to provide your child with a magnetic bowl and pipe cleaners. And allow him to create any shapes and figures using the materials. To know more about this activity, you can visit Play Teach Repeat


7. Super Simple Paper Chain

It only requires few materials and is easy to create. Paper Chain can spark your child’s creativity and nurtures fine motor skills. You can find the step-by-step guide in making this craft by visiting Mamal Diane.


8. Colored Ice Sculptures

Your child will have fun making sculptures using colored ice. It is one of the most fun activities you can introduce to your child. To get more detailed info about this fun 3d Activity, you may visit Happy Hooligans.


9. Styrofoam Creations

Your child can make lots of things using styrofoam, including flowers, shapes, and figures, making it an ideal activity to enhance your child’s imagination and creativity. This activity will also nurture your child’s fine motor skills and will develop a sense of accomplishment. Thus, he will be proud of his creations and will spark motivation to create more.


10. Paper Mache Dinosaur Cave

One of the most exciting topics a child wants to hear is about dinosaurs. To engage your child about the life of the dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals, guide him to create his dinosaur diorama. Using cardboard, Wood, or Plastic Bin as the base and No-Cook Paper Mache Glue Recipe, your child will have lots of fun making dinosaur diorama. You will find the materials you can use and the detailed steps in creating a diorama by visiting Crayon Box Chronicles.

3D Art Activities for Kids

11. Paper Plate Roses

It is an excellent way to nurture imagination and creativity while having fun. For this, you need a different choice of colors of paper plates, a black marker and a scissor. But first, be sure to guide your child in using the scissor to avoid any accidents. Then, have your kid write any message he wants to say along the paper plate spiral. Finally, check out how to create a Paper Plate Rose here at Kids Activities


12. African Inspired Pasta Necklaces

Who would have thought that you can also use pasta to make colorful and beautiful necklaces? Yes, your child can make his DIY jewelry using pasta. All you need is to gather and purchase other materials, including craft paint, paintbrush, piece of paper, wax paper, and a cup of water. Allow your child to give it his touch in designing and painting the necklace. Make it as colorful as possible. You can check out the step on how to make this at Pink Stripey Socks.


13. Color Mixing Icicles

There are many activities your child can enjoy during winter, and one of these is Color Mixing Icicles. This activity may require some preparations, but all your effort will be rewarded once done. Your child can easily participate in this activity as the steps in doing this are easy to follow. To know more about this activity, you may visit Life with Moore Babies


14. DIY Stick Wind Chime Craft

Are you looking for a unique way to teach your kid about wind chimes? This DIY Stick Wind Chime Craft is lots of fun, and your kids can make it independently. The materials needed are readily available; all you need to do is follow the instructions provided at Where Imaginations Grow


15. Yarn Bowl Craft

Another great idea for toddlers and preschoolers to enjoy during summertime is Yarn Bowl Craft. This one will develop your child’s creativity and improve their fine motor skills. The materials needed for this activity are strands of yarn, white glue, and a base. The step-by-step instruction to make this is found at Fantastic Fun and Learning.3D Art Activities for Kids


These are just some of the best activities you can do with your child. Each of these activities has a different learning standard and will give your child a chance to learn in a fun way. There are still more kids activities you can engage with your child at home to help their growth, imagination, and creativity. If you know of any other fun activity for kids, feel free to share it here. We hope we were able to provide valuable information about 3D art activities for kids.