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The Learning Benefits of Music Activities for Kids

kids enjoying music

Music is a great outlet for kids and is an integral part of their development. Children have to have a form of music that they can relate to, which helps them create their style. Listening to music lets them see how the rhythm fits with the song or poem.

It has been proven that children learn better when they have fun, so why not ensure they are having fun while learning? This can be done in different ways, whether it is by playing games or having them sing along with certain songs. It is also a good way to make learning fun through playing instruments and using props such as tambourines and other music-related things.

The Benefits of Music Activities for Kids

Music is a great way to introduce kids to new things and opens the door to many learning opportunities. It helps children learn creativity and how to express themselves through song or music

It has been scientifically proven that introducing music early can help children develop a better sense of hearing and communication skills. These are some positive effects music can have on a kid’s life.

1. Develops Language Skills

Music boosts speech development. They must comprehend both the message and the expectations set upon them. These aids children in language, grammar, and even communication. It may be good to learn songs or read little books or short tales.

2. Develops Social Skills

child's social skills

Music is a great way for kids to express themselves and learn how to listen properly. This helps with proper listening, cooperation, and empathy. It also helps a child learn how to take turns and express themselves. Social Interaction is really important for children to help them develop their personalities. Music may help people find the appropriate words to express themselves and create new acquaintances.

3. Develops Creativity Skills

Playing music will assist a child in learning how to arrange sounds, create melodies and develop their rhythm. These are all essential elements that kids need to be able to express themselves through their work as adults. They will also learn other concepts such as proportion, harmony, rhythm, and meter, which are important in the more advanced forms of music such as opera and ballet.

4. Improves Attention and Concentration

Playing musical instruments can help a child to improve their accuracy, timing, and rhythm. These are crucial skills kids need to learn to play instruments, make music, and comprehend its structure. It improves their concentration by keeping them focused for extended periods, which also helps with other studying.

5. Improves Memory

Children can learn different songs and poems by heart. This will develop their memory skills, which are integral to language development. It also helps with word recall. Music can teach history or convey stories.

6. Enhances Motor Skills

child playing drums

Rhythm and tone are important elements that help develop motor skills. It improves their ability to accurately play a musical instrument, which is important in achieving good pitch and tone. Enhancing motor skills can also help them in other aspects of life, such as learning new activities, sports, or games such as tennis, golf, or the piano.

These are the Best Music Activities for Kids

There are many different ways to incorporate music into your child’s daily routine, from playing games, singing, dancing, acting, and acting out playtime to reading a book, writing a poem, or even listening to a story. Even putting on pretend music can help them with their art and creativity. These are some excellent music activities for kids:


  • Use some of the dance moves that they usually do, such as the “Twist,” the “Waltz,” or “The Hokey Pokey”!
  • Put on some of your child’s favorite music, which you know has a good beat and rhythm. The music can help set the mood for their dance and help them feel more comfortable performing it in front of others.
  • Find a location where nothing is susceptible to harm.

This activity can help to enhance a child’s motor skills, happiness, confidence, and sense of fun. This goes hand-in-hand with their music teacher, who can help them develop new skills and apply them in the classroom. Cognitive development improves because they must remember the dance steps and listen to the music.


draw what you hear

  • Use some instruments that sound similar to what your child is trying to draw.
  • Put on a piece of background music, like a piano or an orchestra, so they can focus on drawing their specific item.
  • They will have to listen carefully to hear the different tones and instruments. This helps with their sense of hearing, an important part of learning how to play a musical instrument properly and improving tone accuracy.

This is one of the most excellent music activities for kids to do at home. It encourages them to use their imagination, creativity, and problem-solving skills to create a story that has music in it. These options include drawing images, writing short tales, or even narrating a narrative aloud.


  • Let them guess what is playing by suggesting some of their favorite nursery rhyme or songs.
  • Give them a few seconds to think about the song’s name, then let them listen to it again while they try and think again.

This is a great activity to do over the phone or even just when you put them to bed at night. It helps them develop their memory and ability to identify all different types of sounds, which will help them later in life when they learn to play musical instruments. 


  • Use various kitchen items, such as spoons and spatulas on a plate or pan, or even pots and pans.
  • Use the spices and herbs left over from cooking to make the sounds they want. This can be done with different vegetables, like potatoes or carrot sticks.
  • Use balls of play dough on the table to create rhythms by hitting them with other objects that can produce different tones and create percussion sounds.

Doing this activity at home with your children can help them develop their listening skills and rhythm. It can also improve their ability to follow instructions, which is important in many aspects of life, including music.


  • Play a song slowly, then play it at a faster pace.
  • Repeat this process with the same song until they can recognize the variations of the same melody and pick up on it easily.

This is an activity that can help them to improve their listening skills, rhythm, and timing. It also helps to improve their memory because they can recognize the song independently after listening to it at different speeds a couple of times.


  • Let them start with a simple movement like the “shake,” “wave,” or the “sway.”
  • Let them play some instruments to mimic the animals when they have mastered this. Allow them to practice independently at first; then, when they have developed their rhythm, let them play with other family members.

This is a good activity to help your children develop their listening skills and improve their memory by visualizing what they hear when they listen to music.


children sing in the shower

  • Play some water sounds in a large shower or bathtub, then sing along with them as they start to play.
  • Let them practice on their own, singing just one line at a time, then try it with the clapping and acting out the beat.

This is a good activity to do when you are bathing your kids in the bathroom. It can help them improve their memory, confidence, and even their sense of being happy and giggly by singing along with them as they play with water sounds.


  • Choose any small toy instrument, such as a xylophone, marimba, or anything they can easily grab and play with.
  • Let them decorate their instrument by adding bells, tiny animal toys, beads, and even pieces of paper.

This activity is fun for the whole family to do together. It may be done with a school group or group with a history of participating in music activities that assist children in enhancing their fine motor abilities.

Final Thoughts

Many parents want their children to be well-rounded individuals by learning how to play sports and other recreational activities, as well as learning how to play music. Music is extremely important in a child’s life because it helps them develop mentally, physically, and emotionally. Engaging in great music activities for kids can greatly benefit them, and you will have fun doing so!

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