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Cultivating Gratitude: Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World

raising grateful kids in an entitled world

Raising grateful kids in an entitled world is a challenge that many parents face in modern society. As young children grow, it can be easy for them to get bogged down in wanting things they don’t have. But it’s up to parents to emphasize the importance of showing gratitude for what they do have and […]

Growth Mindset For Kids: What Is It and How To Help Them Develop It?

growth mindset for kids

Kids often say they don’t want to do anything because they fear failure. They won’t even try unless they know they can succeed first. Though this might seem like a normal reaction for kids, it has adverse effects on their growth mindset and is one reason kids stay in the same place. In order to help […]

9 Amazing Ways to Help Develop Your Kid’s Planning Skills

childrens planning skills

Do you know that children have a natural ability to plan, but their skills in this area may be dulled by not being used enough? It’s true! Just as muscles in a child’s body need to be used and strengthened, so do children’s planning skills. Fortunately, it takes little effort on your part to remedy […]

Teamwork for Kids: Teach Your Child How To Work with Others

teamwork for kids

Every child should learn how to work with others from a young age. The earlier they learn the skills, the better their chance of success. However, it’s not always easy knowing where to start. It is a must for your child to learn how to work with others if they succeed in today’s society.  They […]