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Positive Reinforcement for Kids – Why It Matters?

positive reinforcement for kids

Positive reinforcement for kids has become a popular parenting technique in the last few years. The idea behind it is that kids are more likely to repeat behaviors or actions if they’re rewarded for them while they’re happening–rather than after they’ve happened. There have been mixed reactions to this idea, both good and bad. But […]

10 Tips For Showing Your Preschooler You Love Them On Valentines Day

valentines day

We tend to forget that valentines day is not just about romantic love but also about the love we have for our children and grandchildren. Preschoolers are special and can make even a dull day sparkle. They are the future of your family, and they need to know how special they are. Young ones are […]

Overprotective Parents: How to Avoid Being One?

overprotective parents

What are overprotective parents? Well, it is a parent who oversteps their boundaries and becomes the center of their child’s life. They act like they know what things are best for their child without taking into account what is good for the child. They are worried that something bad may happen to them or someone […]

7 Tips On How To Establish Healthy Boundaries for Children

healthy boundaries

Children have a tendency to test the boundaries in an effort to understand and explore the world around them; this is also true for adults. However, sometimes healthy boundaries need to be set. They help children learn acceptable and unacceptable behavior and set the tone for relationships. Boundaries are even more important during the early […]

6 Ways to Practice Positive Discipline With your Kids

positive discipline

We all loved well-behaved kids, and now that we’re parents, that feeling is even more intense. Good behavior not only inspires a sense of calm and satisfaction in our children as they grow up, but it also makes interactions with adults much easier. But sometimes, things don’t go as planned. Kids throw tantrums or become rude or disrespectful […]