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Teamwork for Kids: Teach Your Child How To Work with Others

teamwork for kids

Every child should learn how to work with others from a young age. The earlier they learn the skills, the better their chance of success. However, it’s not always easy knowing where to start. It is a must for your child to learn how to work with others if they succeed in today’s society.  They […]

6 Ways to Practice Positive Discipline With your Kids

positive discipline

We all loved well-behaved kids, and now that we’re parents, that feeling is even more intense. Good behavior not only inspires a sense of calm and satisfaction in our children as they grow up, but it also makes interactions with adults much easier. But sometimes, things don’t go as planned. Kids throw tantrums or become rude or disrespectful […]

9 Effective Strategies for Disciplining Your 3 Year Old Child

how to discipline 3 year old

Toddler age is from 18-36 months. It is at this age that a toddler will show signs of misbehavior. The child may be testing boundaries, using negative behavior, or testing your patience. With these signs come an increased struggle to assert your authority in the home. As a parent, you need to impose discipline techniques […]