Fear? Not If You Use Anger Management For Kids The Right Way!

Although anger is a normal emotion, it can lead to aggression when it gets uncontrolled. As parents, we will never want to encourage our children to express themselves through anger so is your ultimate guide to anger management for kids.   Anger Defined   Anger can be associated with a lot of emotions. Furthermore, it […]

Remote Learning for the Little Ones on Lockdown

perschool teacher

Ever since the COVID-19 outbreak, educational systems around the world have shifted to remote learning. Schools have cancelled face to face classes in hopes of weakening the spread of the virus. But what happens to young kids who rely on free play and social interaction in order to learn?  For educators, creating remote virtual pre-k […]

Interactive Online Class for Preschoolers

The objective of learning is to enrich the skills and behavior of the students. In this technology-driven society, learning is more accessible and convenient for the students. Nowadays, students can access massive resources that help them learn at their own pace and ability. On top of that, teachers can also utilize online programs and applications […]

Parental Tips On Choosing The Best Daycare Center Queens NY

best preschool in queens ny

Have you ever visited the infamous JFK airport named after the late President John F. Kennedy? This significant landmark can be found in Queens, the easternmost borough of New York City. With over two million residents in the area, it is known to be one of the safest and most extensive areas of New York. […]